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      Hi, newly stuck in the city


      I just hit the big 30 this year and decided that was enough work for me so I'm out here by myself on a years visa to blow of some steam and enjoy life for a while. After being in the Hills since October, I've managed to swing renting a place from some friends in the middle of the city and have been in Adelaide three weeks or so now .

      After exploring the city for a bit, i'm missing those familiar accents and dry jokes so a little hunting on the net led me here to say hello. Finding HP sauce in Coles cheered me up but I'm still missing Thorntons.

      I'm from Nottingham in the UK, but have been living in Berkshire for the last 6 years or so.



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      Welcome to the site, keep an eye on the Social section for details of meet-ups - or feel free to post up a suggested time and place yourself.

      They do Branston Pickle in Foodland as well if that is any help! And every now and again, Myers have Thorntons Toffee in stock, but it doesn't seem to hang around for long!
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