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To Whom It May Concern:

David Aston is employed by our company on a full time basis as a qualified Fitter.
He commenced his employment in January 2000, working as part of a crew, directly manufacturing large and small Aircraft Sub-assemblies in a variety of Aluminium alloy and Composite Carbon Fibre materials. He has also assisted with the, Engineering Methods Department in their work to streamline the Engineering Process of building the Sub assemblies. He has recently been accepted onto a register for promotion to the position of Quality Control Inspector.

David’s regular duties during this time included:

• Fitment of metal parts to aircraft structures in accordance with Engineering Process Reports, and Engineering Drawings. Trim and adjust components and then checking alignments, tolerances and clearances against drawings to allow fitment. Use a variety of precision measuring devices to achieve tolerance compliance.
• Drill and ream components to permit fitment of Fasteners, Strip down, deburr and reassembly. Final fitment of fasteners such as Rivets, Blind fasteners, ‘Hi-Lock’ and Hi-Shear fasteners and Close tolerance Bolts. Application of secondary locking devices such as Cotter pins and Stainless steel twisted wire locking.
• Chemically treat and re-protect bare metal, apply sealing and interfay to prevent ingress of foreign matter or moisture and to prevent Galvanic, fretting or inter-granular corrosion. Apply Aerodynamic sealing.
• Installing hydraulic and pneumatic pipelines in both steel and light alloy including the cutting, threading and bending of pipes. Fitment of ‘Permaswage’ pipe joints and other flareless unions. Carry out pressure testing and leak detection on hydraulic and pneumatic pipelines.
• Fabricate and adjust repair pieces in accordance with Report of Non-Conformance instructions.

The tools and equipment that David used on a regular basis were:

• Measuring equipment including calliper, micrometers, rules, verniers and gauges
• Hydraulic press
• Pneumatic drills, Die Grinders, buzz saws, rivet squeezers and rivet guns
• Drills, Reamers, taps and dies
• Wrenches, spanners, files, screwdrivers, hammers, chisels and hand saws
• Lifting equipment
• Electric saws, Bending machines Guillotines, lathes and milling machines

Also other ancillary tasks that were expected in the execution of his duties were as following:

• Compliance with computerised production monitoring tracking systems
• Normal Workshop husbandry including reinstating the work environment.
• Compliance with PPE and Health and Safety regulations.
• Stamp and certify his work under the companies delegated operator scheme.
• Operate overhead lifting equipment. Inspect lifting equipment for any defect. Sling or attach a load to the overhead crane in a safe manner.

David is a highly skilled tradesman who shows great competence and reliability in his job requirements. He has proven himself to be a worthy team member and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a quality employee.

Yours Sincerely,

Colin Burnside
Operations Team Manager

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