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      new to the site visa help needed

      Hi all
      i've been looking on the site for a few wks now got so many questions don't no were to start lol, im 30 my partner is 36 i have 2 children 3 and 15wks old we r thinking of moveing to adelaide as my partners parents and 2 brothers live there have done for about 20 years,

      my partner lived in adelaide with his parents til he was 18 he then moved back to england got married had kids then moved back to oz with his wife he applyed and was granted RRV things didn't work out she wanted to return to england, he came back,

      moving on a few years we got together and have been talking about making the move as it would be a better life for the kids and all round, his RRV expired in 2007 and he did not spend the required time in oz,

      my question is will he be able to get another RRV or will he have to re-apply for a visa,

      will it help that he has family over there who have australian citizenship ,

      what would be the best visa for me and the kids ie spouse or holiday visa and apply for spoouse visa when im there

      we r looking to move end of april 2011 so any advice would be great and if u need more info please ask x x x

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      I don't know if you've already tried it but I found the visa wizard on immi.gov.au helpful. Will give you some indication of what visas you'd qualify for and what criteria you'd need to meet.

      From your post I take it your OH isn't an Aussie citizen which I think excludes you from the spousal visa - someone may set me right on this but I think it is just for the spouses of Australian citizens.

      If you or your OH apply for a visa as the main applicant the other one, along with any of your children, can be included on the visa.

      I'm a bit woolly on most of the visas as I'm having to go the employer sponsored route so am not exactly au fait on any of the others.



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