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    Thread: Moving in 2008

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      Moving in 2008

      Hi #

      This is Suzie and Ian

      I am a nurse in ED we have a joinery carpentry business in suffok we move to Adelaide in 2008b we have just got back form activating the visa which is a permanent res we have teenagers uni finishers staying where they are Germany grand cayman and uk and plan to buy a house between vic harbour and adelaide and set up a carpentry joinery business (currently we do period work and purpose made work hand cut roofs and bespoke bits ) any advice out here

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      Hello and welcome
      My husband is a carpenter and has just gone out on his own self employed but worked for the last year for a joinery/cabinet making company in Lonsdale, he would have some help and advice for you, I am sure. So PM us for more info, if you like.
      Good luck with everything and ask away about anything you need help with.


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