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    Thread: state sponsorship

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      I think the one thing that struck me with Perth was that it was so far from anywhere else in Aus. It really is remote. Yes there are towns along the coast, but there are no other major cities or even really large towns that I could see as appealing. Its a trek to anywhere else. Adelaide has the benefit of being more central and not so far for flights to Melbourne and Sydney etc. Adelaide and the surrounding area felt more populated along the coast, more connnected for that reason.

      I think the climate thing is becoming a bone of contention amongst some here :p TBH Adelaide usually has a great summer climate but this year has been a bit off. Also spring and autumn have been pretty good there when I've been there. Its not like its an awful climate and like the UK summers or winters usually. Lets be honest, the UK hasn't really gotten over 25C for more than a few days at a time in the past few years. My hubby, an Aussie from Adelaide says that UK summers are like Adelaide springs and he can live with that. He isn't looking forward to moving back and facing the 40C plus temps that can be reached. The heat is the one thing he hasn't missed living here in the UK

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      Excited is not the word!! I checked the online tracker this morning and my application has been assessed, but no decision has been made yet. Fingers crossed it gets approved before Christmas! Would be a very nice present if it did :D
      On the plus side i'm on nights so i will be constantly checking the tracker during tonights shift!! It may make these 7 night shifts a bit more bearable! Hope everyone else has some good news soon.
      Bev Jay

      IELTS Passed 17/04/10, ANMC Application Sent 28/09/10, Positive Skills Assessment 9/11/10, SA Sponsorship Applied 27/11/10, SA Sponsorship Approved 12/01/11, 176 Visa Lodged 17/01/11, AHPRA applied 11/02/11, CO 16/02/11, PCC's 25/03/11, Meds 06/04/11, 176 PR Visa Granted 12/05/11, Job offer 18/7/11, Flights booked for 24/8/11

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      fingers crossed for you Lil Bev hope you get your christmas present, i have checked on line today and still nothing so its definatly going to be new year for us x

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      Both Cities are beautiful, I live in Adelaide and work in Perth every 6 weeks. They are very different culturally as Perth is a very isolated state (closer to Asia than to any other Australian city) Perth is a very new city and thus very few older buildings where as Adelaide is a much older city and the architecture is quite beautiful. I know this sounds a small thing but I do find that I feel more at home in Adelaide. Both cities have a great climate with a dry heat mainly. Perth can be hotter for longer and the winters seem a little milder than in Adelaide, but on the whole I think both cities enjoy fabulous weather. People from both states are very friendly and welcoming so I think whichever city you choose you would enjoy unless you wish to travel to other states in which case Perth is a long plane ride.


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