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    Thread: hello everyone

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      Sue & Ash

      hello everyone

      hello everyone!

      3 days ago we have decided to make the big move to adelaide too :D
      so here we are!
      we = Sue, Ashley, Lucas (2.5yrs) and Caitlin (1yr)

      our best friends moved there 3 yrs ago and that's why we've checked out adelaide first - and all we've read about it so far sounds great!

      i love the fact that the city is not too big and that you (supposingly?) can get everywhere in a reasonable time.
      and also that there is just about everything on your 'doorstep' (hills, sea, city...)


      as you all can imagine we'll bombard you with questions :lol:

      but i've been spying on you for the last 3 days (i've spent every free minute on the net :oops: ) - and you seem to be a great bunch of people!

      so now, where to start ,.... :roll:

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      Hi Sue and family

      Welcome to the site and the mad world of migrating :lol: Lots of friendly helpful people on here - though not too sure if we are all sane :lol:

      Any questions just shout and if anyone can help they will :D


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      Sue & Ash
      hi lisa!
      thanks for the prompt 'welcome' and offer to help [shoving our application form in lisas direction 'coughcoughnudgenudge'] :D

      we are still debating: going with an agent or flying solo :?:

      we will be applying for a skilled independent visa 136 ( :roll: i think :roll: ) - that sounds rather straight forward IF there is even such a thing ...

      any experiences?


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      Hi Sue and Family

      Welcome to the site, i'm a newbie too and vowed i wouldn't resort to poms sites as the Aussies call them (don't shoot me down in flames), but having had the ups and downs of the visa process on our own since Oct 2005 felt that we had better have a look at what we were missing.

      We did a reccie last October and the 20 minute city as it was once called is much bigger than we expected with all the different districts and can take quite a while to get from one side to the other, saying that though we much prefered the traffic jams over there as there seemed to be no angst and no road rage !!!

      When are u hoping to go


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      Hi Sue & Ash

      Welcome to the site.....you're right, its a friendly site and I find everyone on here really helpful......Lisa (our moderator and god) is really fab and knows most things...if not, she'll be able to point you in the right direction.

      There are other sites, but I feel alot more at ease posting on here....its smaller and friendlier, not too clicky either.

      Good luck with your application, we have applied for a SIR495 visa and used an agent (ASA consultants) They have been great and have found no fault so far (even better once we get our visa).

      Speak soon

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Hi Sue and Ash

      We're quite new to the site too but agree with above - everyone is really friendly and helpful on this site :) We are applying for an SIR and have recently sent of for skills assessment - so fingers crossed. Have become totally addicted to this site and will struggle when I go back to work (teacher) on Monday


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      Sue & Ash
      morning! (i know it's early 8) but kids always have me up at 6am :roll: )

      thanks Jane, Sarah and Cari!
      that's what i am talking about - a nice site :D

      do you guys actually meet up over there once moved?

      anyways, Jane as to when we'd like to go?
      well, whenever we'll get a visa! it's still very early stages and we haven't even filed anything or actully filled in a form yet :shock:

      but i am certain you'll know about our progress :mrgreen:

      Sarah how far into are you now???

      Cari same question at ya

      Do you all know which area you'd like to move to?
      Have you got children?


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      Hi sue

      Like you i have three children Aidan 8 Callum 5 and Abbie 2 (going on 16).
      We are applying for a 136 visa through and agent. Thiought this was an easier route as both me and the OH are self employed.

      After a few problems with our daughters medical history we are hopefully now on the home straight.

      We're hoping to be out by end of April, i'm on the final reccie flying from London on 18th April to sort out schools, somewhere to sleep and hopefully a job, we already have our eye on our land which we are buying off a freind. We have decided to head south of Adelaide down near Maslin

      Speak soon

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      Hi Sue, Ash & family,

      I'm Jen. We are going out on a 136 visa too (thats me, my husband Ian and kids Jay 5, Sam 2 & Noah 6 months). We have done it without an Agent and found it fairly straightfoward, but I think it depends on how complicated your personal or employment history has been. Most agents will give you a free initial consultation which may help you decide what to do.
      We are just waiting to hear back from our medicals now (done nearly a month ago, not that I'm counting )
      Anyway good luck and if you decide to DIY don't hesitate to ask us anything you like :) .


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      Hi Sue & Ash

      We are at the very late stage - everything done, medicals and pcs, we have a case officer and now just waiting to hear the good news..........we estimate march time we should hear.

      We sold our house last year and moved into renting, we've also booked our one way flights to adelaide on 15th august, staying in singapore for 4 nights before arriving on 21st august.

      Theres a west midlands meet up on the 21st april and yes, I plan to meet up with as many people from the site as poss - once on the other site and if they'll have us!!

      I remember being at the stage you are at right now, and as soon as you've made that decision to go - its in your head all the time - Ive lived and breathed adelaide since last may (when we first decided to go). The visa process for us has been full of ups and down.......the worse thing is the waiting......make sure you have all your passports and certificates to hand, we didnt and spent ages sending off for replacements etc and it really slowed the process down ( we had lost our birth certificates, degree certificates and passports ! we're not the most organised family!)

      Good luck with your next stage

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana


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