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      Hello we are new

      Hiya have just joined the forum

      We lived in Melbourne for 15 months but returned home to Scotland a few weeks ago. We are already planning on returning to Australia but would like to live in Adelaide. We lived out in the Western Suburbs in Melbourne and it was too isolated for us. I was stuck on a housing estate with our 1 year old. We only had one car and it was not easy to get anywhere.

      Could anybody recommend a few suburbs in Adelaide we could try. Would prefer more of a town rather than just a big estate and having to travel to shops etc, with playgroups and not too far from the city. Thanks

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      From what I know of Melbourne (I have family there) it is very very different to Adelaide - and I can understand why you felt cut off. I think lots of people have different ideas about the best places to live... and think really that you can have an idea about recommendations but you have to see the place and see what suits you. It doesn't take very much really to live say 15mins from the city, but in reality you aren't going to go there much cos of parking etc unless you live near the tramline (and then that's great, and easy with kids!).

      So imho Northern suburbs are good (then your main shopping area would be Tea Tree Plaza, or Golden Grove) - we are currently looking to move to around Modbury / Para Vista area and I would be really happy with that - lots of things on for people with children all over adelaide really- so regionally you'd always find playgroups, Mainly Music, Kindergym etc.

      But we have also lived more southern suburbs - Glandore area, and then there's another big shopping plaza that way (and the tramline). Nearer the beach in that direction too (Glenelg, Brighton etc).

      Can't speak for the further out settlements such as Hallett Cove but I know many live there and like it - and being further out I guess it'd be cheaper than Adelaide -but it's too far for work etc and family for us.

      But in my experience it's nothing like Melbourne. :) I am sure some would love Melbourne but I just couldn't cope with where our family live there.
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      Hi there and welcome to the forum....

      Alot depends on where you want to live from what you want from where you want to live...like schooling for your child, proximity to shops, etc etc.....

      And work proximity too....i think you have to ask yourself some questions and prioritize what you want then you can start coming up with some places to live....

      We live down in Aldinga Beach...close to shops but i have to drive 1 hr to work...and the kids have to be dropped off at school...luckily we have 2 cars and an exceptional friends and family who help us out lots.

      I hope this helps a little, just write down what you want then come back on here and the members will probably be able to give you a more defined idea of where they think would be good places to look at.

      Just keep asking away....



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