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    Thread: HELP flying with a 14 week old Baby!

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      no problem! Have had my fair share of long haul flights in my nannying days, much harder with someone else's child!

      Just remember to relax, other wise he may pick up on it. The air stewards are amazing and will help you just ask them.. and if he cries dont worry about the other passengers.. will you ever see any of them ever again? Do what you need to do to make you, your husbands and your babies trip comfortable.. not worry about what strangers think!

      I know with QANTAS (I had them on speed dial in the end I called them so much to double check) they make babies under 6 months the priority for skycots.. so depending on how many more babies are on the flight you may be in luck!

      I also found a little blanket handy to drap over the cot as its pretty breezy on flights.
      you will need to put all liquids and pastes into one of those security bags (the resealable ones they give you- I purchased some more hard wearing ones from Rymans for a couple of pounds) you even need to sudacreme, vaseline pots and the saline spray in the bag...)

      Depending on where your stop over is and how long you will be in the airports, you can get buggies (strollers) from most airport customer service desks, you can pre book these, or it can be on a first in first served basis.

      Also ask if you can keep your buggy with you till you get to the gate and again to meet you on the otherside in Australia. And buy a buggy bag for it, so it doesnt get damaged in the hold.

      I would strongly advice you have some antibacterial wipes on hand too..

      You'll be fine.. and when you get here you'll wonder why you worried so much!

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      here's the link for those disposable bottles.. they are rolled up so take up hardly any room. my son used the Avent number 2 flow teat and he was fine on the fast flow ones of these.

      John Lewis - Search results#

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      Quote Originally Posted by lainey View Post
      Hi there!

      We are flying to Adelaide early February, by which time my Little Boy will be just 14 weeks old. I am really not good with flying but now in addition to this I have extra thoughts in my head which I am hoping someone might advice me on!

      How do I go about getting his bottles sterilized and making up his milk...i'm guessing now with hightened security taking cartons of milk with us is not acceptable?? We were thinking of buying cartons of formula milk once we were airside but not too sure what facilities Kuala Lumpa airport has.

      Also does any one know if I can buy Aptimal formula in Adelaide?
      Hi we flew to bulgaria 18months ago when our lil one was still on formula he was 12 wks, i made up 6 bottles of preboiled water just before we left for the airport and i put in those lil plastic tubs with lids on (you can get 8 for a pound out the pound shops) or go to boots and pay much dearer, anyway i put 6 bottles in and 6 plastic tubs with the right amount of formula for each bottle, i also took an unopened cow and gate tub of powder incase of any problems, also id just put a few tubs in your suitcases then thatll keep you going for a few weeks that way you wont have the hassle of trying them on a diffrent formula as well as trying to settle them in forgot to say aswell in boots you can buy travel sterilising bags we used them for bulgaria


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