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    Thread: HELP flying with a 14 week old Baby!

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      Smile HELP flying with a 14 week old Baby!

      Hi there!

      We are flying to Adelaide early February, by which time my Little Boy will be just 14 weeks old. I am really not good with flying but now in addition to this I have extra thoughts in my head which I am hoping someone might advice me on!

      How do I go about getting his bottles sterilized and making up his milk...i'm guessing now with hightened security taking cartons of milk with us is not acceptable?? We were thinking of buying cartons of formula milk once we were airside but not too sure what facilities Kuala Lumpa airport has.

      Also does any one know if I can buy Aptimal formula in Adelaide?

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      The flight


      We flew over back in 2008 our youngest was only 20 weeks old, we managed to buy throwaway sterilised bottles i think tommy tipee make them and took the tub of powdered baby milk & just asked for boiled water about 10 mins before a feed was due to make up the bottle, alot easier then worrying about carrying mixed liquid formula & sterilising.

      Not sure i havent seen aptimil here didnt have it when we came as our son had it too, we brought 3 tubs in suitcase & then he had to go onto heinz here very similar to aptimil, so we just slowly changed over mixing in with the last tub one feed aptimil one feed heinz & had no problems.

      If you can bring as many nappies as poss seem quite expensive here for huggies although they do have cheaper versions we didn't find them as good.

      Well best of luck try not to worry too much, we thought we'd get evicted off the plane half way thinking Finn would be really trying, but he was great as long as you relax should be fine. :D
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      We were allowed to take bottles in my baby bag on the flight to and from Australia. I sterilised the bottles and filled them with water and took the milk powder separately to make up. I think I had 6 so was enough for the flight. I dont think you can get Aptimil have never seen it.
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      We came with 4 kids but no little ones like yours...but from what i saw the air stewards were awesome with the little ones...
      And to be honest we never even knew we had little babes on board the plane....

      We flew with Singapore....and would never fly with anyone else should we ever need to...!!!

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      The Dimmocks

      If you can bring as many nappies as poss seem quite expensive here for huggies although they do have cheaper versions we didn't find them as good.

      We found nappies expensive, but someone told us about Woolworths Home Brand, we find them really good and not to expensive.
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      We flew with malaysia airlines into kuala lumpar and it was ok. I can't really comment on the childrens facilities in the airport though as we were delayed leaving london and only had enough time to change nappies then go to the next gate! We brought pre sterilized bottles and got the travel milk sachets from boots, they did most brands in there. You are allowed to take baby foods and milks through airport security, but if they are already in the bottle you will be asked to taste it! (Yucky!) The cabin crew were great with the kids and minded them while we had meals etc. They also stocked powdered formula but I think it was SMA. Aptimil is not sold in Oz but the nearest is farley heinz and is always on offer in big w.
      Nappies are very expensive over here, but are often on offer, if you can bring plenty then I would, we bought a pram bag for our phil and Teds and stuffed it full to the brim, as it is not counted at all in your weight allowance!! We managed to bring about 150 nappies, 4 tubs of formula and loads of their bits and bobs in it, we also stuffed our coats into it too just before we boarded! (cheeky sods that we are!)
      Also, have you pre booked a bassinet? If not do it now as you get bulk head seats and somewhere for the little one to sleep comfortably which will make your journey a lot less stressful especially if you are not a good flyer.
      Good luck, I'm sure that you will be fine, i have done this trip several times with very young chldren and every time we have been so surprised and proud of the way the littlies cope. Just kick back relax and enjoy your trip to the sunshine! x
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      Thank you so much for your replies! I have never heard of pre-sterilised bottles before so I will definately look into those. And it is good to know that the nappies are a bit pricey I will make sure to pack lots of those too!!!

      Wow sounds like we need to get a bigger nappie bag!! Can't believe how much stuff you managed to cram into yours :o)

      I will take all of the advice I have been given and so now all I guess I will need to learn to do is to RELAX and hopefully my Little man will too!!
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      Hi, just to clarify, I meant to recommend to you that you get a big travel pram carrier bag to put your pram in! You can buy them at argos, but we got a specialist phil and ted one cos our pram is big! (its a double) The ground staff and cabin crew never checked the contents of it which is why we got so much stuff init! Good luck!

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      Hi, we flew in june this year with Ollie, who was 6 months old. I managed to get Boots in Term 3 airside's phone number and reserved 7 cartoons of Aptimil 200ml cartons. I was told on serveral occasions the ready made cartons werent allowed through security. I was glad I prebooked them, as when i went ot pick them up the shelves were empty (was feeling very smug believe me!!) You must tell them if you are stopping off in another airport, even if you dont leave you will be checked going into the gate, they will then ask you how many you need to keep for that trip and wrap them and put a security label on them.

      Boots Terminal 3 at Heathrow AIRSIDE : 0208 897 1817 (correct as of june 2010)

      John Lewis / Peter Jones sell disposible roll up bottles very cheaply, they collapse as the baby empties them, leaving less wind and great for colicky babies. and handy as you can toss them (sorry not environmently friendly).

      I also took along ready made up sterilized water in his regular Avent bottles and had 6 of those with us and two containers of travel formula (I wasnt taking any chances!!) security at heathrow made me check one of the bottle and drink a little. which we used that bottle pretty much straight away.

      I also found Calpol saline nasal spray a god send.. a few sprays up the babies nose clears their nasal passages (they can get blocked from the dry air) making feeding so much better.

      A really good website I found was lucylovesaustralia.com all about travelling with little ones.

      We used the babies grobag for the skycot and he slept from take off to just before we landed in singapore! take lots of mussy's for spills and things, take individual bags with a few nappies/wipes/sudacream (which you can get in little tubes that are fine security wise) have one in your seat and partners seat pocket to avoid rummaging.
      Take long sleeved baby vests, it gets chilly on board, and they are small enough to have a few in your handluggage. for easy changing.

      We were allowed (Qantas) to take on a little cabin case, this we used for all the babies needs, a nappybag, my hand bag, my husbands on board cabin allowance and my 4 year olds sons case. was loads!!

      Nappies, Huggies are around $33 for 100 for young ones.. You just need to know where to look, I managed to pick up a couple of big boxes for $20.50 two weeks ago.. so its down to research. a big box usually lasts us 3 weeks. (I think they are around the same as uk really)

      Aptimil is not sold here. like an above post said bring a few cartons in your luggage (your baby should be allowed 10kgs of luggage plus on board allowance of 7kg) so you should be fine to squeeze a few in there. Dont forget to declare it!! I brought over loads of Plum cereal and baby rice and just declared it. wet foods I am not too sure on. (not that your baby is at the stage yet).
      We use NAN pro gold formula. it varies in price sometimes you can get it at $21 sometimes $28, you'll learn where is the best place. If you can find wipes on special bring them.. I have only seen the Huggies pure (not called that here) wipes, not that i have been looking as i used those in the uk.

      Whatever you can stock up bring, even brought a cot from JohnLewis before I came and shipped it over because it was cheaper! If the removals havent moved your stuff yet, stock up on everything!! and send it.. we worked out it was costing us 5 for a cubic foot to send.. peanuts!

      Good luck and you'll be so worn out that you'll find you'll sleep most of the flight!
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      Wow thank you so much for taking time to help me out, you have really given me some fantastic ideas and I will be straight on the telephone to Boots to order those milk cartons!! All of the information you have given me will be sooo helpful. I would never have thought to bring saline drops with me, but I shall definately get those packed. It also sounds like the pre sterilized bottles are the way to go. Also good thinking about the grow bag for him to sleep in that would be an easier way to go than sheets and blankets. We have been told that a basonet can not be 100% confirmed until we get to the airport so I will be arriving about a week early to make sure we get one haha!

      I hope that our little one sleeps through to Kuala Lumpa, that would just be a dream! He is normally a little sleepy head but I just have visions of that all changing the 2nd we board the plane!

      Well I am going to print off all of these great replies I have recieved and set my self to task and get organised.

      Thank you once again, that is such a great help :o)


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