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    Thread: New to PIA - living in Central Queensland...

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      Thanks Diane! Will be back with a more detailed reply soon :)

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      Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
      Both the places you have mentioned are great - although like with any city, the nearer the CBD, the higher the prices. You could also look at places like North Adelaide, Unley, Goodwood, Burnside and Norwood as good places that have stuff within walking distance (Norwood would be my favourite of those - lots going on, a real buzz to the place) or in the north perhaps Mawson Lakes if you don't mind a fairly modern area - with consequently smaller plots (not such a bad thing as it means you don't have to spend loads of time watering gardens), and there are lots of public parks etc as well as a nice little "village centre" area with shops, cafes and restaurants. Semaphore is nice too - nice high street there and beachside.

      You could also look around Belair/Blackwood (SE) if you prefer something a bit more rural, but still within easy reach (train or bus) to the city and a nice local shopping centre. Or I like Athelstone (NE) which has a few shops, cafes, and is about 15/20 mins by bus/OBahn to the city.

      Workwise, if you are in any of the above areas, I would think your OH would have no trouble finding work along Grand Junction Road - lots of places there, and around Gepps Cross, that employ mechanics - you could send a PM to Kangomik, or he may be along to reply at some stage - I think he works that way. I drive along there to and from work and often see signs up outside places advertising for Mechanics.

      GJR runs west to east from about Port Adelaide in the west to Modbury in the East. Somewhere around Modbury would be worth considering for living too - Tea Tree Plaza is a big shopping centre near there, with just about everything you could want, and there is public transport from there into the City via the OBahn (busses that run on roads and rails).

      Lots will depend I guess on your budget, but there is a huge choice of places around - and if you base yourself no more than about 30 mins from the CBD, all the public transport tends to head for there (or out of there, obviously!) so you have the restaurants, bars, theatres, shops, sports there within easy reach too.

      Best bet is probably to rent somewhere as central as you can, and look around at your leisure for somewhere longer term.

      HTH - obviously everyone has their own favourite places, and luckily there's plenty of options.
      Diane, thank you so much for being so helpful! :) You describe Adelaide as a great place to live!

      OH has only main Dealer Experience and is great at his job so would be looking to work in that environment (and wants to move forward in his job!). He will have to be nominated for the Visa by a potential employer for us to be able to move so can't just get any job, if we weren't restricted by this then he would likely just walk in to a Dealership and get offered a job because of his experience ;) (I think so anyway!)

      Another question, where are the decent shopping centres? Is there one really good one or a few to chose from? Do you have many department stores in Adelaide? We have none here (Department Stores that is)

      We don't intend to spend a fortune on housing (as we live on one wage) but the rental prices seem quite good for the whole area which is great! Do rentals go quickly? We intend to rent until we decide what to do as we left our house rented out back in the UK.

      (I will need a good/modern hairdresser recommended too ;))

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      mechanics are required all over Adelaide, my advice whichever way you head on the compass would be to get near a train line to the city. It always comes in handy............and dont rent in an area you cant afford to buy in. city eastern burbs, western beach burbs pricey!!
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