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      hi there allison
      welcome to pia my hubby is a bricklayer and our son and daughter same age as yours and we not too far from hallet cove so any questions you want answered just shout happy to help been here almost 3 years now

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      Same Boatd!!

      Hi, we are in the same situ as you, trade skills sent off then applying for sponsorship, husband is a Metal Machinist, I am a stay at home mum to 6 lovely children!! Hoping to go to Adelaide summer 2010...good luck with your application!!

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      Hi there, we are the Rimmers from Hampshire, we are in the same situ as you, hoping to migrate sometime 2012 if all goes smoothly!! Its all so stressful its crazy but we are all so excited about this new adventure. We have 7 children (oldest is not coming....very difficult!!) the other 6 are, i have a 16 year old, 14 year old, 10 year old, 9 year old, 4 year old and a 1 year old!! Husband is a Metal Machinist and we are hoping to live/settle in the Hallet Cover areas. TRA Skills have been sent, SS all ready to apply for then hopefully will lodge to DIAC Mid june before all the points system changes (again!!) As hubby is a trade worker the points are all changing july 2011 so we need to lodge before then...so pretty stressful to say the least!! Hope it all goes smoothly for you!! May see you on the plane in 2012!!!! helen

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      we are also in a rush to do subit the visa application before July due to the new points system. Hopefully we can all do it all in time as under the new points system we havent got enough points!!! I wish we had done it last year but saying that things crop up and at least we have decided to go for it now as it is what we really want . Our eldest daughter is going to come to get on our visa but I am not too sure if she will stay or not as she has a boyfriend back in the UK. It is really hard when you have older kids. James on the other hand who is 15 is looking forward to it and is quite keen to go. We hope to look around the Hallett Cove area or around those areas. Anyone know how long SA take to give you a decision on state sponsorship.

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      hi, from what my agent says, once SA have received all paperwork, they normally turn it around in 6/8 weeks, thats the reason we applied to SA as they are the quickest in making decisions and finalising paperwork, we originally wanted WA but they are lot slower. Our agent says once we have positive skills back should be end feb/early march, we can apply for SS end feb/early march, get that back May latest then we be ready for lodging to DIAC by mid june...but its a waiting game and a stressful one at that, like you if we not lodge before July husband will not have enough points which would then mean sitting the english test and he would have to get the top results across all levels!! Yes he is UK born and bred but the highest levels in the english are quite hard to get!! So we have everything crossed!! Helen

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      I hope SA are quick as you say. Keep our fingers crossed and hope we all get in our visa application before 1st July!!!. We originally was looking at WA but I know they can take along time to give state sponsorship and that is why we also decided on SA plus the house prices seem to be more realistic in SA than WA. We have friends in WA who moved out there about 6 years ago and bought before the houses rocketed there. Also we felt WA was going to be quite isolated for us and we feel the weather in SA would be better for us as a family as it is similar to Spains weather, where we livef for 3 years and loved the weather and outdoor life.

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      i, are you using an agent? If so who are you using? Helen

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      No we are doing application our selves. I jhave looked into all what you need and we decided to do it ourselves. We are using alot of the AQF111 stuff for the TRA application
      and we also got some help from other people who previously done TRA in what to send in etc, So hopefully Terry will pass the TRA.

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      Good luck to you all, just been on the SA website and their current processing times for SS are no longer than 8 weeks, so thats great news! Keep us posted on your progress!!

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      Thanks Let me know also how you get on with things


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