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      Talking Big hello from hopefuls in Durham

      Hi to everyone we are a finally and hopefully looking at moving out to Oz in the next 2 years all things going as planned.

      We have talked and talked for years but always had some reasons why we couldn't emigrate money, new house, babies, getting married etc etc etc but we have come to the decision if we don't go now we never will!!!!

      We are in some financially difficulties which we hope to resolve in the next couple of weeks then we can start the ball rolling:-

      > finding a job for me...I'm children's nurse and have been working fir the NHS for the past 6 years.

      > applying for visa think it's the 175 we qualify for

      > deciding where in Adelaide we want to live.....I could really do with advice regarding best areas without costing to much to rent but with good community facilities for a young family, good schools etc

      Any other advice as to where to start our planning process would be greatly appreciated. Really excited at the prospect of throwing caution to the wind and just living! We are wanting so much more out of life for both of us and our children and feel like all we do is work and still have no money or time to enjoy life!!

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      Hi guys and a big welcome to PIA....its a friendly place with lotsa of knowledgeable folk willing to help people in the process.

      As for deciding where to live a lot of it comes down to what YOU want from where you want to live....as everyone wants different things from where they want to reside....we chose Aldinga Beach as it is pretty quiet and close to the beach....but thats our preference.

      Close to schools
      Close to Shops
      Public Transport

      These are just a few of the things that YOU may want o consider before you move over....this then will help you decide on where you want to be when you settle...... sometimes you may have to rent in an area where you may not want to stay permanently but that tends to sort itself out.

      I hope this gives you a little food for thought....

      Good luck with it all




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