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    Thread: New to poms in Adelaide

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      Red face New to poms in Adelaide

      Hi everyone
      I am a hairdresser and vocational teacher also my husband is a HGV class1 driver, just submitted my TRA so r fingers are crossed!! Just wondering what the job situation is like over in SA? will we get jobs and does anyone know where is a nice and reasonable place to live. I also have 2 children age 6 and 8 so schooling is important, OMG there are so many questions I need an answer for!! Any help would be very much appreciated.

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      Hi. Welcome to PIA. You will find loads of helpful people on here and there's always someone to answer your questions. My OH is a Carpenter and we have been told that work prospects are good for his trade but can't help with any others I'm afraid. Are your children excited about the move? We have 3. The younger two are excited but the eldest is a bit apprehensive about leaving her friends.


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      Hi bishvegas, you have certainly come to the right place for all your questions as this site has been invaluable to me and my missus. We live in Brandon, County Durham and are in the final stages of acquiring our state sponsored visa, we have been told by our agent that we should get confirmation this week so fingers crossed. My wife is a nurse and I am a drugs worker, from what I have heard their are loads of opportunities for hairdressers out in Aus. Which part of Adelaide are you looking to move too??


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      There always seem to be lots of adverts for hairdressers so I'm sure you'll be able to find something to suit you when you arrive
      You'll also get lots of ideas here regarding where to live and we all have our preferences so you might have a think about what type of area appeals to you (or doesn't)! Eg: do you like the idea of close access to the beach / countryside / want to live close to the city centre / like newer or older areas / etc ?
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      Thanks for all ur replies, I think I would like to live nearer the beach, maybe hallet cove or o'sullivans beach area cos it would be nice for the kids!!! they are so excited so just hope it all goes through. Its nice to have a bit of reassurance when you need it!! Dont want to live too near the city but not too far away from the places where hubby could get a job. Anybody know about the primary schools round that area?

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      Good luck with ur visa, just hope we get ours. We have got an agent too Go matilda, its so much easier and less stressful. We tried to go to Melbourne cos my sister and family are there but they took hairdressers off the skilled list so opted for Adelaide, hope we are doing the right thing!!! Fingers crossed

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      Hi yeh the kids are excited, my sister lives in Melbourne and her eldest son who was 11 when he left did'nt want to go but 3 years on and he won't come back here so the eldest will be ok it just takes time and after all its a better life all round for everyone, so my sister keeps telling me hehe



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