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hi there just new to the site. Me my wife, three kids and the dog are looking to migrate to SA but are unsure who to go to to start the process can anyone recommend an agent they have used or know of. I am a vehicle spraypainter and my wife is a mental health nurse. We have been researching for months now and are due to go to down under live in birmingham in feb,but are baffled to the amount of visas that can be applied for and wich would be best for us, any advise anyone could give would be greatly appriciated thanks in advance.

from The Littles "soon to be downunder"
Hi, We came over four years ago on a permanent residency visa. It takes a bit longer to get but it saves a lot of hassle having to apply again once the 12 month one runs out and you know that you are here for good. We are both mental health nurses. There's loads of work here for your wife. If you come over on a permanent visa she can work where she wants to and not having to be sponsored is a blessing. Ending up working in a place you don't like can be hell and spoil all the adventure of being here. It is easier to have a migration consultant but you still end up collecting all the info for them.

Best of luck