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    Thread: Nice places

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      Thanks kangomik, that is great info and you are right, we can't really sort things out, schools/place to live until we get there. I am a bit of a control freak so looking and checking everything every 5 minutes. Besides my OH hasn't even got a job and he might not and there goes our Oz dream. :-(

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      Would i be entitled to any child benefit? God that sounds like i want to milk the oz government before we get there...i dont...just working out finances. x

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      Tezza, your not a control freak. You just want to plan, prepare, sort everything before you get here. Thats good research and reasearch is the key, so many THINK they have researched but they have not looked at all the different angles., god knows many on the site did this. You want the best out of the move, you know what you DO NOT want, and know what you would like to have.
      We all have our history, mine would have said we would 100% live next to water, as it is we live in the hills, well closer to hills than water thats for sure.
      Don't pin your hopes on a specific job, some people can become unstuck by doing this, be open minded, and be prepared to try different things.

      Don't give up on the job front, theres something for everyone. And remember it isn't sunny everyday, ( but more than the UK)

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      If you come in on a PR visa then yes you get Child benefit, if on a temporary visa, no you wont, along with other things.

      Sometimes (and this will upset people) comming via the fastest easiest route does not always fare well once here.

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      Kangomik thank you, you have made me feel heaps better. This is the biggest decision/change in our life that we will ever do and most of the reason is for a better quality of life for our kids...and us of course. I am not sure where we want to live, one minute i say the water and then change...arrrggghhh!
      What is a PR visa? when you say it doesnt fare well coming the easiest route what do you mean?
      Thanks again. x

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      PR = Permanent Residency Visa.
      Others a Temporary or State Sponsored ( which as i understand can be temporary)

      If you come on a PR visa you get things like child allowance, and some other things. It's easier to get a mortgage and a car on finance.

      I will call them TEMP visa's, temp visa's you struggle to gain certain benefits, and bank loans.

      Once on PR, it takes you 4 years to then apply for citizenship, if on a temp visa you have to first apply (cost) for a PR visa and then wait the 4 years for citizenship.

      If company sponsored on a temp visa and for some strange reason you no longer work for that company (they may sack you) there is a chance that you may have to leave the country within 28 days (this has happened)
      If you tell a few white lies on your visa application and IMMI investigate, you may be asked to leave within 28 days (again this has happened)
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      thank you kangomik. x

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      No worries, time for bed here i think

      Hey don't give up, it's not easy. If it was everyone would be doing it!

      As for quality of life for the kids, mine love it, and have come on leaps and bounds since being here, even if they are a little nervous about going to secondary school next week.

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      God yeah forgot you were 10.5 hours ahead.

      We wont give up, thank you.

      Good luck for your kids starting secondary school.

      Thanks again. x

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      Quote Originally Posted by kangomik View Post
      Something else to consider is the big cruise ships comming to the area. The last time a huge gin palace came in the roads where blocked for hours.
      Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
      There are two big cruise ships docking on the same day in February -
      The last time a BIG cruise ship came in was the QV and the roads around the Outer Harbour were a bit chockers for a while, also in February there are 2 ships calling into Outer Harbour at the same time, the QM2 148,000 tonnes between 0800 and 13.15 and a baby ship called the Amadea 28,000 tonnes between 06.30 and 20.00. with the QM2 only being here a short time the roads will get chockers for a short while. Bear in mind we only get around a half dozen or so ships into adelaide of any decent size and they are only here 12 hours max, and i'm normally one of the people blocking the roads !!

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