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      shipping services / small / large / to & from


      After reading some of the posts on the website, i may be able to help some of you.

      Since arriving in Adelaide 8 years ago, I decided to set up my own business specializing in sending peoples personal belongings around the world by airfreight.

      The has grown basically so that we now send airfreight and seafreight shipments basically anywhere in the world, we also can bring items back as well, cars from the UK, US and so on. We can help with import permits, packing in the UK and customs & AQIS in Adelaide as well.

      If you ever send things back to the UK or are travelling and have too much luggage we can save you a small fortune by sending things by unaccompanied luggage, we only have a minimum of 20 kilos, adelaide to london heathrow would costs you $237.00, by airfreight.

      website is Baggage Masters - Home
      or alternatively send me a message and maybe I can help
      Sunnyside up.

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      Thanks for the info Sunnyside up, really useful I will check out your site as I will be moving over later this year.



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