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      Bournemouth or Adelaide which should it be?

      Hello to everyone. I've just joined the forum. I though it might help me to make what will probably be the biggest decision of my life. Do I move to Australia?
      Just a bit about myself: I'm a primary school teacher, I'm married and I live in Bournemouth in a house which I love and have just got looking beautiful.
      I went on holiday to Adelaide 3 years ago where I got engaged, my Mum was born there and moved back to England when she was 12.

      My Mum, Dad, brother and husband all want to move to Adelaide. It's taken me 4 years to get my teaching degree, a lifetime dreaming of getting married, settling down and having a beautiful home, now they want me to leave it all behind.
      I'm very confused and looking for advice. I know nothing about emigrating, what this involves and whether Adelaide right for me. At the same time I feel that England just isn't the place to be anymore and when I think about having children here I just don't want them to have to live with everything that happens here.
      I'm also very confused about the prospect of trying to teach in Australia when I've just about mastered teaching in England.
      This is a big rant I know but it just shows what a confused individual I am at the moment.
      Rachael :(

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      Hi Rachael,

      I really feel for you. I am a Police Officer in the Met currently living in Surrey. In May 2005 we brought a house and encouraged my mum to move from Worthing to a self contained annexe at the rear. I thought it would be a great idea in theory...and it is. But all of a sudden South Australia are recruiting UK officers and I along with my 7 year old twins are desperate to go. I applied last year but withdrew my application just prior to interview. This was because my husband was not as keen. We to have just renovated our house, from top to bottom, and although I badly want to go I also feel guilty for all the hard work. We have travelled Oz for three months in 1996 and took our girls their for Christams 2005. I think it is the best place and despite all the hurdles we are going to give it our best shot.......

      Karen x

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      Hi Rachael and Karen

      It is a big decision, we too have made the decision on what future our children would have in the Uk and the possible opportunities they would have in Oz.

      We have had several hurdles to contend with over the last 18 months but are still going for that perm visa. Neither mine or my OH family are happy with our decision but both realise that it may be the best decision for our children and their future.

      Yes the wages may be lower BUT the cost of living appears cheaper the lifestyle much better and the Crime rate lower.

      Need i say more !!!!


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      You are so right. Its the kids we really think about in all this. My girls love the outdoors and hate being cooped up in the winter. Having just gone throu another winter I have realised its time to move on. Had our house valued last weekend. Its a slightly different process for me as I would be coming out ona sonsorship from the police but hope to get accepted and be on the plane by the end of the year LOL


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      Yes it is a big decision and only one that you can make.
      All I can say as that we have been here 2 years now and our girls have thrived. They were 7 and 9 when we came and love it here. The school is much more relaxed with a good attitude to learning They go to guides, swimming club, athletics, basketball gymnastics ...the list goes on. I am out everynight after school running them around and have great fun. An excellent way to meet people as well.

      Life style well we have a fantastic time. we have a large 4 bedroom house, 2 cars, and Nick has a great job, I am self employed so I can work around the girls.
      We all love it here and would not consider going back to the UK and being cooped up all the time.
      The kids embrace all things Australian and consider themselves Ozzies, accents included.
      We are so pleased we made the move. But at the end of the day its only you who can make the decision.


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      Thank you

      Thank you for your replies. I will continue to think carefully about this. You're right Betty22 this is a decision I have to make alone but your replies have helped me along the way. I wish you all every happiness in your new lives in Adelaide.


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