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      Any jobs for Plasterers?

      Hi all, we are new to this site, arrived in Adelaide 5 weeks ago. Have settled in Flagstaff Hill area.

      John is currently looking for work as a plasterer. Does anyone out there need one or know of anyone who does. There does not seem to be many ads in paper for plasterers. We have been told most trades work on a sub contracting basis which is fine but John would like to gain some experience first as the materials and some techniques here are different to home.

      Would also love to chat with other plasterers in same boat or plasterers working in Adelaide.

      John (42) Julie (40) & Grace (10)

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      Fellow plasterer

      Hi John, Julie and Grace

      We aren't plasterers but we do like to get plastered quite regularly especially as christmas is coming.:p

      Shall we start a plastered club? we live in the Hallett Cove area. Would like to meet up soon. please let us know.

      Love from mjjg xx


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