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    Thread: Popping my head in offically!

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      Popping my head in offically!

      Just wanted to say hi to everyone, and hope we will be with you in Adelaide soonish....

      We are Rob and Hilary, ages 40 and 31, a costumier and a teacher, looking to make the move for a better lifestyle and future for ourselves and our (future!) family.

      We are at the stage of research research research at the moment, but things are looking positive (despite me desperately trying to find bad things, or figures that don't work etc, as I am a worry wort and realist, not a rose tinted type) at the moment. We are going to Down Under Live in a couple of weeks as SA are meant to be there to ask some more specific questions we have and a couple of the companies as well.

      So, just saying hello, hope to be meeting some of you in person maybe in 18ish months maybe!! :D

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      Sharon and Paul
      G'day R&H , do your homework ask loads of ????s see you all soon ATB Paul .
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      Hello and good luck x
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      Hello - don't think you can do enough research. I have found this site has a wealth of information on it - Good luck
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      It's great to hear from you and good luck in your pursuit. Enjoy the show as it has many ups and downs and different scenes with twists and turns!!! The best thing I think we can add is be patient and take it step by step and stick at it. It may, at times, seem to be taking an age but it does finally work out! Good luck and all the best.
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