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      Libby -

      Thanks for your reply. Nice to know that someone managed what I'm aiming for! Are you a social worker, as am a bit concerned with you saying that your skills assessment took so long - the AASW who do social work assessments are quoting 4 weeks max (I hope this is correct - I may now contact them to check).

      Also, thanks for information re. social work jobs - are there many that you've noticed that are in childrens and families and/or fostering agencies? I can't find hardly any on internet or jobs page searches, but I seem to be picking up that Aus is generally quite a few years behind the UK in many areas which could account for this?

      - Lindsey

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      Hi Lindsey

      No I'm not a social worker, I'm a teacher too - we both retrained as teachers and it took us 11 years to get here!!!!! That's dedication for you...

      I wondered if you were using an migration agent or if you are doing this yourselves. We used an agent as they know what they are doing, or should do, and they are being paid not to miss any deadlines!!! I am pleased that your quotes for skills assessment is alot quicker than ours as that should help. Our agent compiled everything for the visa while the skills assessment so the minute it came back the application could be sent.

      No problem re the jobs. I will take a closer look from now on to check it. As part of the mandatory course that many professionals are required to do (especially if you plan to work with kids) is child related, alot of the people who deliver it have experience like yours, if what you do is deal with kids/families. We went to a place in Thebarton for ours and a SW delivered that for us. She says there is alot of work in that area, especially in things like Edmund Rice Camps which are run for the benefit of disadvantged kids. I can give you more info on that if you like as I now know who Edmund Rice is.

      Aus is way way way behind UK in LOTS of ways, some of it charming like Sunday when we watched a community street parade before going to the local fete. Like UK 20 years, gentle pace, I loved it. Traffic and opening times of shops is 20yrs ago UK style too which I've now got used to although it drove me mad when I first got here.


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      The Mac
      South Australia Police (SAPOL) recruit about 90 officers every year in the United Kingdom. Applicants need to be under 45 years old. It should not be relied on as a means to acquiring a visa as it is a very competitive process.

      Policing is very different to the UK. If you think a UK force is obsessed with paperwork you haven’t seen anything yet. Dealing with a drunk idiot is the same in any language but after you lock one up here the paperwork will plague you for weeks. It’s like the TV programme “Life on Mars”. Your statement is full of rubbish like “at approximately 4.40 pm an Sunday the First of November 2001 I was proceeding in a westerly direction about fifteen metres west of blah blah…”. The elements of the offence are almost irrelevant.

      If you are a pro-active copper it will try your patience to the absolute limit.

      Have a look at www.police-forum.com

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      Planning on doing it myself - at first the process it totally fazed me, but I'm fairly confident now (famous last words!). Also, trying the copper direct route option, as I'm probably more likely to find work. I've not heard of Edmund Rice either - will google it right away!

      Any info on social work jobs available in children and families would be useful. I'm currently a Team Manager with the largest independent fostering agency in the UK, who are planning on expanding to Aus, but currently only in Perth (so not counting on work from them). Social work appears quite different in Aus to UK, but I'm not sure that if that's just due to Aus not being up to date with info on the internet?

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      Hi. Saw the title of your thread and thought I would respond. I obtained a 175 visa through my SW qualifications last year. We moved to Adelaide last month and my other half is applying for the Adelaide police force. As neither of us have started work yet I can't tell you much about the careers over here but we have seen job advertisements for both in the few weeks we have been here. The recruitment process for the police is quite in depth (as with UK). Suprisingly the computer exam is quite advanced. There are courses to help you pass though. How are you getting on with the visa applications?



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