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    Thread: Another newbie!

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      great post

      Thanks for that fantasticly posititve post Cockney Lass, you 've just backed up all the reasons we want to come to Adelaide. Particularly welcome as I've just been having an, "Oh my God what are we doing?" kind of a moment :shock:

      Cheers 8)
      Jen & Ian

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      cockney lass

      Re: great post

      Quote Originally Posted by jen&ian
      I've just been having an, "Oh my God what are we doing?" kind of a moment :shock:
      I know exactly how you feel, I had plenty of those moments, when we were back in the UK. When it was coming time to us leaving the UK, I even said to my hubby, that I feel like the whole process has been like a joke, that went to far!

      I mean you start saying things like "oh I wonder what australia is like, bet it's a nice place to live, wouldn't it be nice to live in the sunshine etc etc" all quite innocent remarks, not really believing that I would ever be here.

      We holidayed in Sydney in 2002, (which was what got us thinking about it in the first place, and the funny thing was, we couldn't choose between whether to go Sydney or Centreparks in the UK :lol: :lol: mainly because my son was 2 then, and i was scared about taking him on a long flight, so we actually chose centreparks, got it all set where,when we wanted to go etc, my hubby rang up to book it, and it was the one that burnt down, so to cut a long story shorter :lol: we ended up going sydney) and the rest as they say ........ but I remember being on the hotel balcony in sydney and my hubby going, "i could live in australia", and I was there thinking "ooooh i don't know, but not to worry, nothing will ever come of it" :lol: :lol:

      It's funny the hand that fate gives you, or the paths in life that you choose :roll:

      No regrets now though, as I've said earlier, I loooooooove it.


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      :lol: :lol:

      After nearly seven years Mrs Tyke and I often look at each other and say "We are in Australia!" with silly grins on our faces :D

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      Sue & Ash
      great posts!
      makes me feel 'safer' (iykwim) with our decision to move to adelaide.
      we are only at the beginning .. so still lots of time to have butterflies :lol:


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      I get butterflies and a silly grin when I think of living in Adelaide - not there yet and have never been but already feels so much like home :lol:

      Would be there tomorrow if flights were not booked for 8 weeks and did not have a business to shut down - even our money is there now as HIFX forward contract came in this week and money is now in Westpac waiting for us :D


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      Hi just to let you know cockney lass that was a great posting and makes us feel much better. It sound a great place to bring up the girls (aged 8 & 11). Can't wait to get there but it a long way off at the moment. Thanks. Paul & Lorna.


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