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    Thread: Another newbie!

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      cockney lass

      Another newbie!

      I only found out that this site existed yesterday, so thought I'd join, and say hello. :lol:

      Already been through the process of getting the visa etc and have been living here for 11 months now.

      Absolutely love it here. So glad we chose Adelaide. It's everything I expected and more. 8)

      Good luck to all of those who are still going through the process. For my family it was worth all the hard work.


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      Welcome to the site. Always nice to see newbies from Adelaide joining to help us lot still in the uk out :lol:

      Lisa :D

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      Good to see people from Adelaide joining the forum. I'm still indecisive as to whether to move to Adelaide or stay in England. My husband, Mum, Dad and brother are all trying to convince me. What makes Australia such a great place to be? Can you tell me more about living there?
      The only thing keeping me here is the rest of my family and friends, I need some convincing to make me see Adelaide as more important than them.

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      donna T
      Hi there - welcome to the site
      How fab to have more people joining so frequently from both sides of the World - hope to join you soon!

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      cockney lass
      "I need some convincing to make me see Adelaide as more important than them."

      My husband really wanted to come, I wasn't opposed to it, but I wasnt as enthusiastic to start with, as he was. I went along with it, actually it was me who organised the lot of it, and the more I got into the setting up of everything, i.e. the visa process etc, the more I came around to the idea.

      The thought of leaving my mum behind filled me with dread, (my dad died a few years ago) so I felt incredibly guilty leaving her, although she has always been incredibly supportive.

      Anyway to cut a long story short, as I said before we have been here 11 months now, I absolutely love it, have settled really well, and my husband has struggled on and off. He is only just now starting to settle, but has had lots of moments that he would go home tomorrow, but because me and the kids love it here so much, he has perservered.

      Although saying that, he doesn't want to go home because he don't like australia, or the australian life, it's just that he misses his family loads.

      He is getting alot better, and if it wasn't for his family, he wouldn't want to go back. he knows our life here is much better and so is the life for our kids.

      I will write more later about life in oz and what i think makes it great, but need to go and do the school run now.

      Bye for now.

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      Thanks for your help, it's really encouraging. would love to hear more when you get the time. Thanks again. Rachael. :D

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      Jan 2007
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      We are just down the road from you in Onkaparinga Hills.

      Glad to see you are settling,I know it can be hard at times.

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      cockney lass
      Hi, me again
      been trying to think about what makes living in adelaide so good. And it's not that I'm having a hard time saying what, but alot of its personal to me, and probably wouldn't be what makes it good for someone else.

      So, thought I'd just give you my experience, for what its worth. :roll:

      I've got two kids, ages 6 and 2. The 6 year old has settled into his new school really well. He's made some good friends, and I've made a couple too. I find his school very good, the people are all very friendly. I find they give the kids here more responsibility at a younger age, which has filled mine with more confidence. He was always very shy, but has really come out of himself since arriving. And as a mother, that is wonderful to see. He rides his bike to school everyday and loves being outside.

      My 2 year old absolutely adores the beach. At least once a week, we wait for my hubby to come home from work, then the 4 of us head to the beach. We normally do this early evening, go and have a swim/paddle in the sea and watch the sunset before heading home. It's just lovely. The beach we go is nearly always empty. The sea is clear and the sand is clean.

      We've also got a much better social life here. We were fortunate enough to meet 3 families before we even emigrated, (through a different website similar to this one) and we kept in touch, and we've become really good friends. Back in the UK, although me and my husband had good friends, when we met up with them, it was always separate, cos one of us was having the kids. Where here, our social life is very family orientated. We all go round each others for bbq's etc and all the kids are always included. Or we if we go out for a meal,again the kids all come. (fortunately all our kids get on very well, even though there are very different age ranges). We've also met new friends since being here aswell. People here (english and ozzie) seem more helpful towards you, probably cos most of them have gone through the same experience, and know that it can be hard sometimes and I think the ozzies are just a bunch of nice people (well the ones that i've met, anyway).

      I love driving round Adelaide (although I tend to stick more to the south). Some parts are quite old fashioned, almost 70's america like. But again, I find that endearing. Adelaide city is very small, but very pretty. Walk down the river torrens and it's beautiful. They have good shopping malls and nothings ever too crowded.

      I was born and bred in london and lived 15 minute walk away from London city. And although I loved growing up in London, I'm quite happy to live somewhere quiet now. I'm not going to start slagging off london, cos as I say, I loved growing up there and still like it, but I love Adelaide cos it's everything london's not. i.e. it's small, alot fewer people, the weather is great, the people are great.

      We really do have some wonderful beaches here. There are alot of parks that are lovely, and everything is mostly very clean. There are some rough bits, but I've not got a problem (as I said I grew up in london). I just think adelaide has got a nice feel to it. I feel very safe here.

      Anyway, sorry if i've rattled on a little bit too much and didn't mean to bore any of you. :cry:

      If i can be of help, give me a shout. :D


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      Hi Cockney lass

      Thanks for a fantastic post - not the least bit boring :D

      I love the idea of all scooting off to the beach in an evening and watching the sun go down.

      When I lived in sussex we were in a tiny seaside town and often used to get up early, don 5 layers or so of clothes and head to the beach with a thermos to watch the sunrise while our westie terrorised the early morning joggers :lol:

      I miss those days and this is what I am most looking forward to when we move :D


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      That was a great help, thank you. Adelaide just seems a lot calmer, more relaxed and friendly.
      Thanks again.
      Rachael. :D


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