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      selling house

      Ive noticed on this site that people seem to be selling their houses in England before they even get the visas.

      At what stage have people decided to sell their home, as I thought the visa wasn't definate at any stage, until you had it in your hand.

      Very confused, as If we get visa (long way off) I dont want to stay in England longer than necessary to sell house.

      Comments would be much appreciated.

      Im off into hospital today for a few days, so wont be back online for a couple a days. Take Care everyone.

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      Think this varies a lot from person to person. We were in the middle of selling when we decided to migrate so went ahead with the sale and moved into rented.

      Got the visa last week and are off in 8 weeks and have a rental reference for when we get to oz too so worked well for us.

      A lot depends on how quick you think your house will seel and how attached you are. If you sold quickly would you be happy to rent and if for any reason you did not get the visa would you be happy to lose your house and move?

      Don't think there is a right or wrong answer on this one. :D


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      we put ours on the market as soon as we had the state sponsorship and sold 2 weeks later.
      We were lucky as we were permanently living in RAF accom (our house was a holiday home). However even if we didnt have that safety net we still would have sold and gone into rented.
      We wanted to make the move as soon as we could, and did, 3 days after receiving the stickers.
      Depends how you feel and when you want to make the move.


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      hi, we were told by our migration company not to put our house on the market untill we have our visas. we went for our meds last week, if we get through them then we will put up next week. we have jumped the que for our meds, but what the hell, as soon as we get our case officer all our paperwork is done ready to go off. might speed things up,who knows. we will move anyway, even if we don't get our visas. spose it's down to your personal choise. you house could take ages to sell, jus a hard decision to make. hope you make the right one :D

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      We put our house on the market once we had been asked for our police checks and medicals. Its a hard to decide whens the best time but i would maybe keep an eye on the houses around you to see if they are selling fast. this may give you an idea for when you put your up on the market.



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