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    Thread: new member is happy valley really happy

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      new member is happy valley really happy

      hi all,

      we are doing the ig move for the 2nd time, cant bloody believe it we're mad, we have been living in NZ for the past 8 years, and havent settled. anyhow having jsu completed a locum in SA, over xmas to check out Adelaide we have just signed on the dotted line, job starts end of march.

      My husband is a PE teacher and im an OT, we have 4 boys, 15,9,3,1. my husband will be staying on to finish his contract in NZ till the end of the year, if all goes well, if its turns into a nightmare then he leave his job and try an get some relieving work in adelaide until he can find a permanent position. our kids are used to a quiet country school, with only 50 students and 2 classes. we cant afford private schooling, has anyone got first hand experience of a good public school that isnt too big, our 9 year old is dyslexic and he works better in a smaller class environment.

      we have been looking for suburbs also and wnat to be located where we can access the city and parks and beach within about 20-30 mins hassle free driving.

      we have been looking at happy valley does anyone know about the schools in this suburb, and also ? day care

      also this time around we are definetly wanting to be settling into a suburb with lots of brits, as we know that it helps to be around like minded people

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      The Dimmocks
      Hi, we live not far from Happy Valley and that is one area we are looking at whilst searching for our own home. It a nice area, cant comment on local schools as my daughter goes to Woodcroft Primary, it the biggest Primary school in SA with nearly 1000 pupils, although it doesnt feel like that many when you there as it so spread out.

      Hope your plans go to plan and you settle into your new life.


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      HI Michelle, thanks for your post, we are new to this... how far is happy valey from the city, does have a family feel to it? is it hilly? we have seen a nice rental there, Im arriving in 3 weeks and am trying to narrow down the suburb search for a rental that would suit our family.

      how have you found your 1st year in adelaide?


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      The Dimmocks
      Depends which side of the Kenihams road you on, north side a bit hilly the south side a bit flatter, Happy Valley goes all the way down to the boarder of Woodcroft which is the flatter side. Sorry cant help to much on distance to City as dont drive it much and when we have it always been out of peak hours. We have got from our house to the Main North Road on the other side of City in 45 mins but that was at 7.30am so all depends on time of leaving.

      We getting on great, enjoying our lives, happy we made the move. Scary where the last year has gone.

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      The Dimmocks
      PM me the rental address and will have a drive past if you want.

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      you might want to have a look at private schools as they are a lot cheaper.. if you want a nice small school have a look at Pilgrim at the Aberfoyle campus. Only 200(ish) kids all together. My daughter goes there and loves it. PM me if you would like any info. ;) We also live in Happy Valley.
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      Hi and welcome to PIA, Enjoy your stay.

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      I live in Happy Valley, have done for nearly 5 years now.

      Depending on where you are in Happy valley will depend on what High school catchment you fall into. Primary school isnt such an issue...

      My kids all to go Reynella East College....they are 7, 11, & 15. Other parts of Happy Valley are served by Aberfoyle High...

      There is a brilliant day care centre in Happy Valley...my youngest went there for a couple of years...
      Arrived November 2005........live in Happy Valley

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      We live in Happy Valley and our 11 yr old goes to Braeview Primary, they cater for kids that need a bit of extra support, it's a public school and quite small. Click this link...... welcome
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      thanks for that Tosher, how old is your daughter, did she setlle okay into a new school, does this primary link well to the high school ie its location etc..., we are also keen on making sure that our house or street has kids from school, as currently we transport louis to and from an out of town school and thus he has hardly any social life outside of school as he friends dont live near by... how do you find happy valley for that kind of stuff?


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