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    Thread: A short term relocation

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      Six It

      A short term relocation

      Hi Everyone

      well i am a POM who has been living in Chch for 9 years ( we are all ok after the big shake)

      Anyway.. for the last few months i have been looking at going for a Masters degree (themed) and honestly NZ is pretty poor for that sort of thing.

      So i have ended up with a choice of Perth or Adelaide

      not wanting to be so far from my family and work.. i'm beginning the process of looking into a relocation to Adelaide for 4 months a year for the next 2 years.. yes mad i know..

      i am fortunate to be self employed.. and can work from wherever i have an internet connection.. so i will continue to earn NZ dollars.. pay the mortguage.. feed the family etc..( and visit my clients if they desperately have to see me)

      so.. thats where i am at.. for the moment..

      look forward to speaking to you all as i try and get my head around things like renting student digs ( thought i was well out of that years ago !).. mobile phones.. broadband.. all that fun

      on the visa front.. i should be fine as i have NZ citizehship.. so i qualify for domestic student and commonwealth support ( on the course i want to do)


      Six It

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      My daughter lives in Wellington and still has a house in Adelaide. Although she earns much more in her position than she would comparably in Adelaide, she finds it tough going to pay a mortgage in Au $ and live. On the other hand, we are just back from a month there, and we found the cost of groceries etc much cheaper than we are used to here, except for meat, which is about the same.
      Many areas of Adelaide do have poor broadband connections, so you want to check that out before you sign to rent.
      Flight access from Adelaide into Christchurch is not difficult, but means changing planes either in Auckland or Melbourne (Sydney is a nightmare). With the time zones you waste a day going, but have plenty of time going back. Perth is just that bit further and more expensive to live, but is a very nice city as well.
      I am not sure whether Hecs (or whatever it is called now) is available after the first degree, but someone else can probably tell you that. It wasn't a few years ago when my daughter did her Masters.

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      Six It
      Hi Cliffy,
      yeah.. was a bit supprised about the funding... but the website says it get support.. and the fees are less than half price than for non domestic students.. bargin!

      As for trying to keep a house and live somewhere else.. its not something i am looking forward to.. but there is no other way..i am only doing the masters part time.. but even so.. cant FIFO... so i am looking to see if i can get a room in a house or in halls or something.. something 1 bed and cheap and near the uni.. so i dont have to bother with transport

      re your daughter's pay.. it is a funny thing about Adelaide for my industry.. that it doesnt seem to pay as much as the rest of OZ. I would be much better off (wages wise at least) if i was in Perth.

      But i will be in an odd head space.. going to Uni a few days a week.. and then getting back to my digs to work on NZ reports.. sent in my GST receipts to IRD ( via my wife).. yup.. i must be mad..!


      Six It

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      Hi and welcome to PIA, Enjoy your stay.

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      Six It
      thanks thearmchairdetective

      looking forward to the new adventure..!

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      Six It
      just a quick update..

      welll i have made contact with flinders.. and that went well

      one small fly in the ointment.. Flinders ( their form at least) require a transcript of my degree.. spoke to my old Uni in the UK.. they dont keep them if they are over 10 yrs old..

      well thats a bit of a bummer... working through old boxes to see if i have one.. which i might but as i graduated 14 yrs ago.. and moved country and houses several times.. might not have it.. bugger

      well i am sure it will proove to be a little problem ( my old uni are going to send a letter explaining why they cant furnish Flinders with a transcript)

      So failing this being a big issue.. all is still full on for a 4 month move to Adelaide

      Six It



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