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    Thread: Need to hear some positive things

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      Need to hear some positive things

      Hi all,

      Im feeling a bit down about applying for a visa... I have asked some questions on here and other forums and all i seem to be getting are negative responses ie. jobs scarce, money is rubbish, the australians resent the british, DONT DO IT (yes someone has told me that).
      So now after feeling so excited im starting to feel scared and wondering if we are indeed doing the right thing. (3 kids, 11, 8, 2, OH - Carpenter, me - Medical Secretary) Im really beginning to wonder about leaving everything we know to go to everything we wanted but dont know.

      Please post some positive things

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      Hiya Paula

      No on in their right mind would do a "sell job" on you to entice you to live here.

      BUT - it's not that bad. Sometimes the bad news is more noticeable than the good.
      In a lot of forums there will be posters that are not happy and cannot settle, a lot of the ones who do take to the life here just quietly settle in and integrate quietly, sometimes just disappearing.
      This is a massive generalisation.

      It is certainly a lot tougher financially than when we first arrived but now you have wonderful forums like this to research and gain support from.

      You ain't on your own!!

      Quality of life and a decent place to bring the kids up are the two main reasons why folk move here.

      It's tough and takes a while to settle but when it's worth it,boy is it worth it!

      Have a good dig around the forum,you'll find plenty of happy /settled quiet achiever stories.

      Have a look at this thread quoted below as well


      Good luck!!:D

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      We have to be honest........... moving to another country and leaving everything you know is a biggy!!! It's a life adventure........ and truly amazing....... but it also leaves you feeling lost at times and you do miss family and friends!!!
      On a positive note..... we brought over three teenagers.... 13, 13 and 14 and also a 21 year old! Our kids have settled into High School...... and have made great friends - they love it here! We are completely shocked that the move for them especially has been so easy........ in fact in our first 6 months it was them who kept us positive! But we so worried about our eldest.... coping with such a change.... but she has got work......... made friends and loves life in Adelaide!
      Sometimes there have been tears, sometimes frustration, sometimes anger.... but there has been lost of laughter, adventure and we have enjoyed the challenges!
      For us...... we say it's an adventure..... we went into this with the idea that 'nothing ventured.. nothing gained'....... and we could go back to the UK if it doesnt work out - but for now we are doing good and have no regrets!
      Hope this makes you feel better and brighter.......... and best of luck to you all!!!
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      O there are always some who will be down on this sort of move, others who will be all for it.

      I figure you can only do what you feel is right for you as a family.

      Tyke made some really good points I concur with wholeheartedly. It isn't an easy path to follow and it will be a struggle at times but if its something you really want and to give a go you'll do it.

      Moving to any new country is a challenge. Australia/NZ maybe more so for Brits simply because of the distance from the UK.

      Ask me if I think its worth taking the plunge? Yes I do. OK my hubby is an Aussie so for me the path is a little less tricky to navigate but I am still leaving the UK behind. Its been my home for a fair few years and I do for the most part love it here. Parts I loathe but there, nowhere is perfect. I know moving to Adelaide won't be easy but both hubby and I want to do this now. We want our son to grow up in Australia as we feel it will be a better life for us all in the long term. The short term might be tough but we know what is ahead of us and as we are both singing from the same song sheet I figure we'll manage. I like Adelaide, will fall in love with it if I am able to spend long enough there so am looking forward to finally getting the chance to continue my on hold love affair so to speak :D:)

      Feel free to drop me a PM if you want to chat a bit more :)
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      Hi Paula,

      we were so excited when we got our CO but that same excitement has been slowly draining away since we have also been reading some threads as you highlight. We decided that we would do a little more research into the validity of some of the what appeared to be very negative issues and I'm afraid to say we are even more concerned than ever when we came across another site where even Aussies are saying exactly the same about the cost of living; astronomically expensive houses, astronomically expensive second hand cars, expensive utility bills, no jobs - especially for immigrants, expensive internet that is not that good, expensive cable that is also not very good, expensive food, expensive books, expensive clothes, very poor public schooling, expensive furniture, racism issues towards immigrants of all nationalities with even kids at school being bullied because their not Aussies, etc....etc....etc.... and they also go on to say that it is best to buy things of ebay, secondhand, just to make ends meet and that you need to really have a salary of at least $100,000 pa just to get buy and that's not even thinking about going out for meals etc!!!!

      Just have a look at this site and read the lengthy thread re an article that was selling the virtues of oz and see the numerous comments saying all the above and how misleading and untrue the article is: Cost of Living in Australia

      We are very confused and very unsure as to what to believe and more importantly what to do as we have our two boys to think about.

      Can anyone pass any comment on the above points that we have gleaned from either threads on here or from our other research such as the thread above i.e. what is the true cost of living in OZ (SA) and what level of income do you really need for a family of 4 to have a reasonable standard of living?

      All views/comments welcome as we need to try and ensure that our dream of moving to oz (SA) is realised and does not become a broken dream!!
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      I know a fair number of Aussies living in Adelaide. While most of them are feeling it in this recession none of them are complaining its as dire as that all sounds. If they were we'd even be considering our options a bit. However we are not ignoring there are problems in Aus and Adelaide and our vision is far from clouded where our move is concerned.

      As for the schooling, I've been in touch with a few parents via forums whose children are in Aussie schools and have heard both sides of the coin, good and bad. TBH most of it has been good and helpful. And I feel a lot better about my son going to school over there now. I was almost dreading sending him over here with the choices on offer to us.

      All I can say with regards to what some have said in reply to that article. I hear the same reasons given for people to want to leave the UK. Cost of living is high, house market is stuck at a ridiculous level and no one can afford to upsize or move atm, fuel really expensive, food bills high, wages low, job market crap, education going to pot and more.

      Again, truthfully, I think if someone wants it enough they will give it a go. They'll do all their research and be well informed about the choices they are making and will be able to decide for themselves if its what they want based on everything they have read/researched etc. I don't think people on this forum cover up these things, maybe more they have adjusted and absorbed these things into their lives because they already are living there. For those of us still yet to go or looking into going its a concern but I figure you could sit all your life waiting for the perfect moment only for it never to arrive. How long do you wait for the situation to improve atm? A year, two, five or ten? UK or Aus, both are going to struggle for different reasons. Some will stick with what they know, others will take the plunge and go.

      Erm yes. I'll shut up now

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      We are on a lot less than $100k combined salary, and still manage. Ok, we don't go mad but we have holidays, the kids are at a great school, we eat out about once a week and we eat pretty well at home. And I only work part time.

      Don't forget that Australia is a HUGE country with lots of differences between the states. Adelaide I think is still one of the more affordable states in Australia, so you are better off reading what people living HERE say rather than looking at people's comments from all over Australia and thinking they apply to everywhere.

      Everyone is different, and everyone has different expectations. Only you know what your likely housing budget will be, what you like to do in your spare time, whether you spend a lot on clothes etc. I hear about people's kids still in the UK who are the same age as mine are now, how they spend their time, what they get up to, what they consider normal, and have to admit I thank God mine are growing up here not there! And I came from a very nice part of the UK!!

      No, it's not utopia, but where is? Anywhere perfect would soon get overcrowded and lose its perfectness. Come with an open mind, be prepared to embrace a new culture and a new way of life, and remember that one man's meat is another man's poison, one man's hell is another's idea of heaven! How do you know which side of the fence you will fall on if you don't give it a try?

      This morning, I walked the dog in the park that is across the road to me. Clear blue skies, cool air (unseasonally so I admit!), galahs and correllas in the trees squawking at me, rosellas and parakeets swooping and squeaking, magpies carolling, the faint sound in the background of the loudspeaker anouncements from my kids' school athletics carnival (which my 16 year old daughter insisted on going in for, even though she is full of cold and rubbish at athletics, purely to support her friends as "that's what it's all about Mum") and compare it to how I used to be in the UK - getting home from the school run and either going back to bed because it was cold and dark, or having to go to work at a job I hated - I know where I'd rather be!

      PS As regards Aussies posting about the job ituation for 'immigrants', most aussies here are not thinking of Poms when they say that word- Australia is a huge melting pot and often you will find they mean immigrants from other countries than Britain.
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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Your comments are very much appreciated and yes I agree that Oz is a very big place and that SA is somewhat cheaper than many of the other states but nonetheless We felt it important to at least research, explore and better understand the many issue, both good and bad, so that we and only we can make the final call on what the future will hold for us.

      If we don't ask these things we don't get to know so thanks once again your thoughts are reassuring.
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      Personally I am finally noticing an upswing in jobs in Adelaide - came over at the height of the GFC and jobs were scarce on the ground and the news was fully of how migrants were stealing Ozzie jobs (I kid you not). Now finally I am seeing ads in the shops for help wanted (first time in nearly 3 years I have seen that), the organisation I am temping with is expanding wildly and they are advertising heaps of new positions. I think what may be colouring people's perceptions is that the $ pound exchange is no longer so much in favour of the pound and people are coming over with less but expecting to be able to achieve the same as when the pound was stronger.

      Housing is expensive there is no ways about that but you can get an affordable rental whilst you sort yourself out and that doesnt mean stashing the family out in the deepest darkest countryside (unless that is where you choose to live). Like any move you dont know where the cheap shops are or how to save money - ask on the forum people will share their tips e.g. shopping at the farmers markets saves $ on fresh fruit and veg, know when markdowns happen and take advantage of it, buy basic toiletries at Cheap as Chips or reject store - parallel imports.

      $100 000 per annum just to get by?? Well if that is what you have coming in of course you will spend it - however if you dont have that you adjust your budget accordingly. Shop when there are specials - there is always some store offering great deals know your prices and know when you are getting a good deal and be prepared to wait a week or so to get that deal. Expensive second hand cars - maybe - but there are also often deals going on new cars and there is an element of bargaining and playing one provider off against another.

      Personally dont think the Ozzies resent the Brits more than any other race. You will get some who resent anyone who is not Australian, then anyone who is not South Australian, anyone who is not white Australian etc etc and some who just couldnt care less and take you as you come. I have met both and survived to tell the tale (my first house mate told me that they shouldnt let foreigners into Oz, my current workmates were thrilled for me when they heard I got PR even though I am only temping).

      There are heaps of things which dont cost e.g. walking on the beach, BBQ's in the park, activities put on by the local councils so you dont have to pay for expensive entertainment for the family all the time.

      If it is something you want to do then do it - if you are concerned whether you will settle then maybe dont burn your bridges.

      One thing I have noticed with regard to jobs is that it is not always clear what level a job is and what the responsibilities are given the job description and title. So you may see a job advertised heaps of fancy blurb and big words in the ad but what they are really after is an office junior and the salary reflects that. A similar sounding ad may actually be for a far more senior role and a better salary. So get to know what your skills would command in Oz and apply for those jobs.
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      Hi there

      There are always people who are negative, however, the positives outweigh these and yes some people are more fortunate than others.

      On a personal note. I love it here. I managed to secure a job in the first week of arrival and have since changed jobs to what is now a senior managerial position for a government body and yes I am on a PR visa! My husband also secured an excellent job in forst 2 weeks of arrival.

      They money I am paid is better than the UK but hubby's isnt - but it levies out

      The people are accepting of English, etc but we have to understand we ar ein Australia and should abide by rules and regulations of this country and not think we are in Britain. Accept the food and the drinks and the culture and they Australians will accept you.

      Embrace the culture. I have been on an Aboriginal Awareness course and had my eyes opened and I urge others to do the same. learn about the country we want to live in.

      The whole lifestyle is simply perfect and I can never imagine living elsewhere.

      Go with what you think and not others and at the end of the day its you who makes your own way in life not people on a forum

      Good Luck, Lisa


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