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    Thread: Should we make the move?

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      Should we make the move?

      Hello everyone, me and my partner and our baby daughter live in northampton UK at minute, but are wanting a better life for our daughter and more family time as we both work long hours in full time jobs at minute, my partner is an accountant and he is begging me to live in australia and we both love the look of adelaide and here it is a lovely place for families. I would move there straight away, but im so worried abut leaving my parents. Can anyone tell me is the life really better in oz? and is it easy to come back and visit family? And are the schools better and is it safer? Iv lived away from home before I lived abroad for four years away from family and was fine, so I dont know why I am so worried. Also has adelaide got alot of accountancy jobs? You all sound so very nice on this forum.

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      Have fun on the adventure, I think you have already talked yourself into it, so no real need for us to sell it.

      One thing............... Nope it's not easy to get back.

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      Thankyou, maybe I have...

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      Good luck with whatever you decide. Its a big move so I am sure you'll ask no end of questions of yourself and have times where you will wobble and be unsure.

      With regards to the going back question. I can speak for the reverse situation. My hubby is an Aussie and we are currently in the UK living. He has been here 5 years now. In that time he has only been back to Adelaide once and that was last Easter with myself and our son (aged 22 months at the time). Although saying that he could have dropped everything and gone back on his own if there had been an emergency (we have credit cards and savings account for such things). But cost wise, to make family trips is a) expensive b) hard to get the extended time off work to make it worthwhile and c) seasons are out of whack so not always easy to plan trips to fit in with everyone else over there being around. Factor in just the general cost of living and savings etc, not many people have the disposable income to make regular trips back each year.

      Also once you have kids it becomes even more of an expense. Flying 2 adults and one child isn't cheap. Bear this in mind but don't let it put you off. My husbands mother flies over every year for a month to 6 weeks and stays with us. Also his aunt, brother and a couple of cousins have visited once each. O and his grandparents! And one of his cousins and his wife have moved over here for 18 months (taking the chance to work here and travel lots on weekends etc before returning to Aus) and so we see them a fair bit. This summer we are expecting my mother in law again and then for a few weeks my husbands Dad, his step mother and brother to come stay.

      Also the age of Skype is here and so video calls are easy enough and we really enjoy those, chatting with the family. We've managed fine for 5 years and it will have been 6 before we are back in Aus. I lived overseas for most of my 20's and sometimes only got back to the UK every 2 years and never really minded (pre internet age and when phone calls were really expensive). Life just keeps going and before you know it, a chunk of time has passed and its a year later

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      Hi,only you'll know yourself if life is better in Oz once you've moved!Its all very personal whether you'll feel its better or not.In my opinion Australia is'nt better,its just different.As for leaving parents?My Mum lives in Adelaide and has done for 40 years.I lived there for 30 years(emigrated to Oz as a child).When I returned to the UK to live 10 or so years ago,my Mum was in reasonably good health,then aged 70.She is now 80 and her health has declined alot.I've been concerned for her the last couple of years and nope its not easy living 10,000 miles away when your siblings are telling you on skype that Mum is'nt going to be around much longer!Its never easy announcing you're heading over to the other side of the world,so you'll need to prepare yourself for tears ect.Education?My kids are aussies and were aged 9 and 11 when we moved to the UK.I can honestly say(and I guess this will depend where in GB you live?)we did'nt notice any difference in it at all.Infact both my daughters did very well.(Not that I expected them not to).Watching shows like Wanted Down Under(personally I can't stand it myself!)will give you a very general idea of what its like,but its different for everyone.I watched an episode(OH had recorded it and it was an oldie)and the guy's job trial was quite a specialised field.Now he seemed very positive about his prospects,and yes the boss seemed nice,but I bet the competition for that type of job is way high and he definately would'nt of been the only one applying.So they voted Australia job wise,and why?Anybody would think the employer had actually offered the guy the job,when infact he obviously had'nt!Anyway (sorry abit off topic)it seems alot of families want to emigrate and potentially live on one wage.I'm not sure if its possible to do this anymore.When I lived in Adelaide,it would of been possible,and seemed the "norm"for alot of folk,not so these days I'm afraid.Rising costs of housing and living expenses has seen to that.I do wish you luck,I really do,but please don't be naive about it,do loads of research,and definately go over and check it all out yourself before you commit.Yes its sunnier there,but sun does'nt pay the bills in reality.

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      Hi, shall i go and will it be better is a question i have seen come up so many times and the bottom line is it will be different for everyone. All dependent on our situations here and our luck when we eventually get there and with all of the luck in the world there are no garentees that the distance wont be the breaker.

      The way i look at it is if you decide to give it a go you have to be 100% commited and then if you are lucky enough to get a visa be brave enough to see it through and give it everything you have.

      But do your homework for jobs, houses, education, costs of living ect as wether it will be more or less expensive depends on where you live in the UK and what your ocupational wage will be in Aus compared to the UK and lifestyle ect.

      Ive got no if whats after that as im still on the give it 100% route so i wont think of the if whats.

      Good luck
      Living In Adelaide Since Jan 2012 And Loving It

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      We made the move last year!

      I say go for it - If you don't like it you can always return without jeopardizing your Daughters education (as she is still little)

      It is 10,000 from home so feeling isolated will be something that you experience and it is not easy to go home for trips (time, expense, motivation etc) but we moved purely for the kids and feel they will have a better time of it over here!
      My son is still unsure he doesn't like the heat much, hates walking (can't afford car yet!) and misses his friends but slowly and surely I see him getting more settled as he makes new friends, tries different activities and see's new things.. I have high hopes for them!:daydreaming:

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      Thanks for the post Ninja and for all the honest replies. I am in the midst if the do we don't we. My major concern is the same, being away from my family and taking the children away from their grandparents.

      I swing between fretting constantly about the enormity of it all and then telling myself life is too short to worry and to just go for it.

      I'm sure you'll work it out. Good luck :)

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      Well god knows that it is the most stressful thing we have ever been through to get to where we are now- but we love our life herein Adelaide, the kids are happier and healthier than ever wehave a wonderful family outdoor lifestyle and a brilliantsocial life. Yes it is hard to be so far away from loved ones but you learn to deal with it and skype is amazing. We returned to the uk after 2 years and it was a good length of time for us to feel truly settled in oz before going back. When we did go we looked forward to coming back home!
      Costof living is relatively the same as the uk for us and you learn to shop around as the grocery shop is definatelydifferent here lol!
      For the is is safe question, well it's as safe as you feel. Where we live in he southern suburbs we experience verylittle street crime and it's mostly very quiet. I don't worry too much if I forget to lock the front door (which is very frequent!) I'm happy to walk my kids thru the park and to the beach on my own and have never felt intimidated by groups of kids. In fact the teens here seem to have miles better manners than in the uk!!!
      We are happy with our choice of school and didn't find trouble getting work.
      Now then it's not the nirvana that it might seem though. Life has been very hard this last 2 years while we found our feet and waded thru immigration issues and work problems and continues to throw obstacles at us. We however have decided that living in Adelaide is worth the battle and strife that life gives us and will continue to enjoy our time here.
      I say go for it!!! Live your dream for real and give it a shot, you can always go back If you don't settle and you can never regret things that you try, only the things you wished you had have!!! :-)

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      Only you can decide on the best thing for you and your family. We are 5 months into our second attempt lasting only 7 months last time. Australia is a great place to bring up young kids, costs are comparable if not a bit more expensive than the UK, and schooling seems similar. Our 3 kids aged 2,4 and 9 are really happy here. My husband works longer and harder than ever before and for less pay. It is fairly safe having said that, we have seen and heard of more crime than we ever had in rural oxfordshire, I know that is not representative of all of the Uk. Our plan is to try for citizinship in 3 years and see how we feel then, we will hopefully know if we want to stay or go back to Uk. I say do some research and give it a go if you think it will work for you, you can always go back, many do and many come back to Oz again.


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