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    Thread: Hi - Advice, Tips, and Help Greatly Appreciated !

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      Ross Family

      Hi - Advice, Tips, and Help Greatly Appreciated !

      I'll try and keep this short(ish). Like most others having become increasingly fed up with life in the UK and having 'casually' researched the possibility over recent months a quirk of fate has made the possibility of emigrating to Australia become a reality and we are seriously considering making the move. Having researched a few of the major cities and surrounding suburbs we are keen on Adelaide from what we've seen.

      We are a family of 4 with two sons both aged under 7. It is looking likely that I will be able to obtain a job based on my skills in Australia and more specifically Adelaide. My wife is a Teacher (Secondary/High School) and from what I've seen she would be able to find work relatively easily (?).

      I suppose what I'm asking for is:

      - Similar stories of small/young families making the move in recent years
      - Are Teaching jobs easy/hard to come by
      - Areas/Suburbs to consider/avoid
      - Quality of schooling
      - Any hints/tips/advice on anything relevant
      - Most importantly the lifestyle, after all this is the main reason for the move

      - One word to best describe South Australian or Adelaide Life.

      Thanks in anticipation.

      Ross Family

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      Just bumping this for you to see if you get a reply.

      I can't help much as fairly new to the site.

      I can recommend reading the multiple posts which will help with some of the queries. Also try adelaidebound.com which is quite good.

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      Ross Family
      Thanks ! I've been reading a few of the posts about life in Oz and Adelaide in particular, but hopefully I'll get reply.


      Ross Family :)

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      Good luck. Adelaide does look great from what I've seen.
      Amanda :)

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      I dont normally give advice on moving here cause its quite atricky subject and what suits one person won't suit another - but seen as youve not got any replies yet i'll have a go...

      Firstly - I am very pro Adelaide but in order to give you a proper overview I may have some negative comments - don't mean to offend anyone by these - they are just my opinion.

      Teaching - I have heard that teaching jobs are quite difficult to come by and there are lots of unemployed teachers here. There are teaches on this forum so they might be able to confirm and give more information

      Schools - very tricky. Before I get here I thought that the standard would be much better but from what ive seen I really REALLY dont think its up to scratch compared to the UK. There are some very good schools but these can have long waiting lists and are normally private. Personally, I think UL schools were much better.

      Areas to avoid - there arent that many and the rough areas are no way near as rough as the areas at home but generally people say to avoid Elizabeth in the north. THere are heaps of good suburbs (too many to mention) and it will depend I gues on where you are working as to whether you will be based north or south .

      Lifestyle - we LOVE it! this weekend was a bank holiday and we spent it boogie boarding at surfing at Noarlunga then yesteday went to Port Hughes for scuba diving. Are kids have spent more time outdoors in the last 9 months than they have the whole of their lives. We go camping, walking, swimming at beach,cycling, trekking, horse riding, scua diving etc etc. This list goes on - we are far more active that the UK and for me - I wouldnt go back - the lifestyle is fab :)

      Hopefully some of this may have helped (?) and no doubt you'll get some responses from others too.

      Good luck with your decision.

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      Hiya! We moved here from Yorkshire 2 years ago and we think it's the best thing we've ever done. My hubby found work before we moved (got his job on our reccie) and although we hae experienced some very stressful times throughout our time here, we think we think we have made the best move for our young family. We have 3 girls under 6yrs and they have such a good lifestyle here playing outdoors all of the time! We live 5 mins walk from the beach and as such life is seldom boring for us. Adelaide is very family friendly and is a small city which IMO makes it comfortable and non intimidating. It is a spectacularly beautiful part of the world and of course we have the worlds best wine!!! Can't help with teaching job availability but one word that sums up SA?........heapsgood!!!!
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      I agree, Adelaide is very family friendly and we have a great lifestyle here. Great for the kids to spend so much time outdoors with so much to do.
      I have found that the schooldshere are good, (comparable if not better than UK) i live in the south and havent had any problems with schooling and finding a place particulary in primary schools seems to be easy enough



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