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    Thread: We are nearly there.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Froglets View Post
      Hi Diane,
      Thanks for your message from just over a week ago. We have now finally got the full visa through and will hopefully be arriving around June 15th. When I sent the message out, it was the Mitcham Torrens Park that we were looking at, but after reading that the area is a lot wetter due to the foothills (?), we have had a re-think and are now looking at the eastern side of the area, ie from Norwood across to Rosslyn Park and up as far as Athelstone (I love the look of the school at Athelstone but think it may be a bit far out for my husband to run to work!) We are currently looking for a furnished house to rent for a few months while we wait for our furniture to arrive around this area. All the ones that I have looked at have either been on the coast or too far down. Do you know if there are any adverts in the local paper for companies that specialise in renting furnished houses to new arrivals (like Roo Rentals or Margaritas Place). We have looked indepentently, but the information that we got from google seems to be mainly for students.
      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Amanda x:daydreaming:
      One of the things your husband might like to consider is running to the OBahn Interchange at Paradise (or Klemzig) - he can run though the park, then hop on the bus from there for the final bit of his trip (the OBahn is the quickest way into the city - it is a bus that runs on rails for most of the route, then on roads).

      For furnished rentals, although it's not kept updated quite as often as realestate.com.au, I find the keyword search feature on www.domain.com.au is very useful. You can put in "furnished" as a key word and take it from there.

      It does occasionally trip itself up by including anything with "Unfurnished" in there (d'oh) but there are a few listed that are furnished: http://www.domain.com.au/Search/rent...ords=furnished

      Although most on there are longer term rentals, it is worth contacting a few real estate agents and asking if they have anything for a couple of months. Donna, who posts on here as Jarnasa, also handles short term furnished rentals and has a few properties that are more central. You may need to rent short-term away from your eventual choice of suburb, and use the time to secure a longer term unfurnished rental for when your furniture arrives. If you haven't already looked there, there is a section on here that has ads for various furnished rentals: http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/...d-rentals.html and I also know of someone that has furnished short term apartments around Frewville and Glenunga which are on the eastern side http://www.accommodationadelaide.com.au/

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      Hi Diane,

      Thanks for such fantastic info. Have been having a look at all the links that you sent me and I'm sure that we can find something from that. Will keep you posted. Re-looking at Torrens Park and areas again now as well. Sounds like we will be spoiled for choice. Am going to get e-mailing the schools that are not on the 'zoned list'and see if we can put Hannah's name down on the waiting lists. Once again thanks so much. I think I need to stop getting too far ahead of myself - just can't wait.
      Amanda x:daydreaming:
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