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    Thread: Thinking of moving to Adelaide

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rob and Mel View Post
      Maybe if everyone told you what they like about their area, it may help you.

      I'll start...
      We live in Aberfoyle Park, we like it because:

      We are within walking distance to doctors, dentist, school and kindy.
      Walking distance to the Hub where there is a post office, chemist, 3 supermarkets, bakery, cafés, restaurants, clothes shop, hair dressers, real estate agents, dvd shop...
      Close to swimming pool for kids lessons.
      Close to golf course (I don't play but nice that it is there).
      We have made friends with lots of ozzy neighbours.
      It takes 40 min's in rush hour to get to the city.
      It is about a 15 min drive to the beach.
      There are lovely parks within walking distance.
      There is a bus link to the city, Flinders Hospital and Marion shopping centre.
      As Aberfoyle is at the top of the hill, the views of the reservoir and sea in the distance are amazing.
      Far enough away from bush fire risks and high up away from flooding.
      House prices are still reasonable, you can get a 4 bedroom for less than 400.

      Hope this helps and hope others can say what they like about their areas.
      I like this idea, but i think it will confuse people looking, but should get huge posts.

      We chose our area
      Good high school - for when the kids left primary.
      Shops less than 200 meters.
      Golden grove shops 3KM's away
      TTP less than 10KM's, just in case you got bored of shopping at GG.
      Elizabeth shopping center ( don't knock it till you've been) less than 10
      Munno para further up the road.
      So thats 4 bunnings and god knows how many dick smiths and schools in the area.
      If there's a Tsunami, or the flats get flooded we are high enough up the hill.
      Ahh the hills, you can escape in them, 30 mins from Barrossa, hour to mannum, hour and a bit to Blanchetown. Did i mention Lobethal on the bikes for breakfast or icecream if the kids are on the back, And the animal parks.
      25 mins on a good day to semaphore beach ( this was a biggy had to be under 30 mins)
      35 to 40 mins on a good day to the airport Adelaide not pooraka!
      The house was established, you buy what you see, no added costs for lawns or pavers, or driveways.
      It suits us fine
      Work is 20 mins away, but then i work all over SA so that doesn't count.
      The house will sell easily if we decide to move.
      We have the best neighbours, in so many directions it's unreal (Oz and Brit, and other natinalities too)
      We didn't know we would have above untill we moved in.
      Ohh and the ice cream van stops out side the house
      Vitcor Harbour in 1 hour 40 mins ( need to see the whales)

      See it's kinda gonna get silly.

      What do i Dislike?

      They toy box is already full and I have to move stuff before i take the bike out.
      Ummmmm, single glazing means i can hear noisey cars.
      ummmm it's high up and the air is thin. ( OK i am stuck now!)

      Ohh i know........ I looked at 200 houses before we chose, and god knows how many thousand on Realestate,com before buying.
      Now do you know why I tell people to have a good look around before buying.

      What else would i ask for?
      win the lotto, then have a house on the beach, one in the hills, one in the riverlands, or a shack. then a shack on the peninsula. But no matter where i had the shack the boat would always be in the wrong place when i wanted to use it.

      Look, adelaides huge, there's so much choice.
      Tick your own box's, don't follow other peoples dreams................. make your own come true, afterall you came this far to better the Jones'es;)
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      200 houses? You needed Phil Spencer!!!!!!!!

      I want a house where the ice-cream van stops outside. Why can't realestate.com put these important points in the property details?

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      It's all important stuff mate.......... you need to look at the critical points LOL

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      I don't know who Phil Spencer is, I know the wife never married him, christ that would have saved me thousands on fuel!

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      Relocation: Phil down under. Ch 4 Friday nights 8pm. Replayed Monday 11am ch 4. Clearly I need to get back to work off my mat leave!!!!

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      The Broadheads
      Quote Originally Posted by Amanda12 View Post
      Relocation: Phil down under. Ch 4 Friday nights 8pm. Replayed Monday 11am ch 4. Clearly I need to get back to work off my mat leave!!!!
      Woman after my own heart, hahahahahahahahaha xxxx

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      Ok, what I like about my suburb (Highbury in the North East) - please bear in mind that these are what is important to me, and I'm quite happy that others might not feel the same!!

      Lots of trees and green areas without being a high risk for bushfires
      Great schools - primary, high, state and private - locally
      Good choice of shops - Tea Tree Plaza 10 mins away, Golden Grove 20 minutes, City 20 minutes plus about six different supermarkets within 10 mins drive.
      Great transport options - good roads, good busses plus the O-Bahn into the City
      City easily accessible for shops, restaurants, shows, sports, central market - 20 minutes to drive there, 5 minutes to park - makes a night or meal out there totally feasible without having huge taxi cost home or long drive afterwards
      Hills surrounding us, lovely views, cool evening breezes in the summer
      Linear Park to walk in - dog can just jump into the river to cool down or have a drink (something I don't like about beach walking - can't drink the water there!) and most days it's almost empty.
      Cycle path through linear park means daughter could cycle down to her zoo work experience this morning and I didn't have to face the Clipsal traffic
      Good established housing, people seem to take pride in their houses and gardens
      Good local deli, plus sports centre at top of the road
      Beaches and Barossa and Adelaide Hills equidistant for days out, (and cherry picking in the summer)
      Plenty of work options with the city (see above) plus the North and North West and East are all within easy commuting distance and lots of employers based in those areas
      Husband can cycle to work (through aforementioned park cycle paths) without fighting with too much road traffic and is thus a much nicer person!
      Nice people, good mix of all nationalities - neighbours are pretty much all aussies of one sort or another - but the italian influence across the river (Athelstone area) means there are wonderful cakes and great pasta there!

      Have to walk up a hill to get to the bus stop (it's known as Cardiac Hill round here - mind you, after all those cakes and pasta should do it more often!)
      House prices are a little higher here
      Don't often bother to go to the beach (but then that's coz I don't like sand all that much!)
      Smallish garden (but then we do have the park, and its more to do with how our house is sited on its block than anything else...)
      No where practical in this house to put a pool or tennis court (but that's just this house, plenty do have the pool and there are public tennis courts within an easy walk or bike ride)
      Having to read on PIA saying everything "north" is industrial and nasty, and knowing most who say that haven't ever been anywhere other than Grand Junction Road and Gepps Cross (but I don't really mind - quite like living in a well-kept secret place!)

      errrmmm... can't think of any more

      Other suburbs round here I quite like: Dernancourt, Athelstone, Fairview Park, Tea Tree Gully, Vista, Wynn Vale, Greenwith, Banksia Park, parts of Paradise (along the park parts), and some of Hope Valley.

      Nearer the city (but still towards the NE) I love Walkerville, and parts of Prospect and Kilburn (beautiful older style houses on large blocks there). Out in the hills I adore Norton Summit, parts of Greenhill, Kersbrook and One Tree Hill.
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Check out PhotoMaps by NearMap to give you some idea of where you want to be...can also give you some idea of sitance to places too...

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      Adelaide is a great move we live in the Adelaide Hills and have brought up our family here and love it..
      Aldinga is lovely but too far for me from the city etc...Belair is great close to the city but far enough to feel a little rural really depends where you will be working
      Hope you sell soon!


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