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    Thread: Thinking of moving to Adelaide

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      Thinking of moving to Adelaide

      Hi everyone!
      I would like to introduce myself, my name is Stacey im married to Paul and we have 2 daughters Ashley 13 and Jessie 5. We currently live in the Gold Coast, we moved here Aug 08 and we're just not loving it the way we thought we would, we put it down to homesickness and new we had to give it time. We have stuck it out for nearly 3 years and still feeling the same. However its no longer homesickness we feel, we defo dont want to go home! We just feel the Gold Coast isn't the best place to bring up our girls. We've built a house since we've been here and just put it on the market so fingers crossed it sell's soon!!

      We're thinking of moving to Adelaide, we have been on holiday there, only for 1 wk mind you and what we seen of it we did like. Its very much like we're we lived in the UK (Cumbria, where my husbands from) im from Glasgow! Anyway it just had more of a family feel and we feel it will be a better place to bring our kids up.

      We're just not sure exactly where to live in Adelaide? My husband like's the look of Aldinga Beach as the house prices are cheaper, we know there will be a commute to work etc but dont mind to much.

      We're coming to Adelaide the end of March for 2/3 night so this gives us a chance to check things out.

      Any info on good places to live, schools etc would be very much appreciated.

      Thanks for listening :)

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      It's a big long spread out place, so you may need to travel around to get a vibe for places, if you can deal with the commute then Aldinga may suit you perfectly.

      You are right about one thing, Adelaide is an excellent place for kids to grow up.

      Have fun on the trip
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      Aldinga Beach is lush and great cos i live here...hehe.

      Where you want to live depends on what you want from where you want to live, there are so many factors that can influenced where you want to be.

      The best thing to do would be to make a list of what you would like...then you can start to narrow down the burbs in which you would like to live use things like

      Drive to work

      Etc etc...i hope this helps somewhat.

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      Hi Stacey

      We were originally thinking of QLD coast but are now thinking of Adelaide for the same reasons. While sunshine and gold coasts are beautiful, I wonder whether we would enjoy our holidays there and to live somewhere more family friendly.

      I've got lots of info from here on Adelaide with lots of helpful posters. I'm knew to the forum and haven't been to Adelaide for 15 years so my advice is probably not the best!!

      Here goes anyway...

      The East looks really lovely, beautiful scenery and hills, places like Norwood, Stoneyfell and surrounding places. Schools look fantastic. Down side further from beach and very expensive.

      South are the beach areas down to Aldinga. Glenelg, Hallet cove, hove and Brighton to name a few. Again, schools look good there too.beaches look amazing (see snifter and tykes posts with photos). North, there is a load of new suburbs been built and property prices seem reasonable on and around new developments, seems to be a more industrial area which is regenerating so I'm not as sure.

      I've got my info from myschools website (will look for site address, Adelaidebound.com, real-estate.com.au and from helpful posting and reviewing threads.

      I'm sure someone who actually lives there will be able to come along and tell you I've got it all wrong!!! At least I'll know I'm barking up the wrong tree, throw the notebook away and start again :)

      Good luck. Will post the schools web sites for you.

      Edited: www.acara.edu.au and www.myschool.edu.au

      You will prob be familiar with these anyway when I think about it having little ones in Oz so may not be that helpful. Sorry.
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      No you're pretty close there Amanda, but of course (just to make things more confusing!) there is also South East (hills, around Belair Park, lovely area, good schools, older style housing with biggish plots, lots of trees - good in the winter, a little bit scary in the summer!), South West (Aldinga, Moana, great beaches, very rural, developing transport links but a far way from the city itself - great if you are not tied to a commute and want something really peaceful), North West (nice beaches - Semaphore, Largs etc - nice marina, good transport links, mixture of older style houses and 'developing' areas), and North East (great transport links, mixture of old and new areas and housing styles, great schools, lovely views from some of the suburbs, good infrastructure in terms of shops, recreation facilities etc, and the stunning Torrens linear park running through it)....
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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Look at the end of the day we all live in different area's. We choose these area's because WE think they are the best for us, they tick most of our box's.

      There are many many variables, a suburb can look lovely during the day but if you live near the local drift track, or have someone who loves music at 3am, you won't know till you get there.

      Most people who post this question don't know anyone on this forum............. would you take housing advice from strangers in Blighty?;)

      Research, research, research, is all you can do. The odds are, you will settle where you land, or pretty damn close to it.:D

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      Maybe if everyone told you what they like about their area, it may help you.

      I'll start...
      We live in Aberfoyle Park, we like it because:

      We are within walking distance to doctors, dentist, school and kindy.
      Walking distance to the Hub where there is a post office, chemist, 3 supermarkets, bakery, cafés, restaurants, clothes shop, hair dressers, real estate agents, dvd shop...
      Close to swimming pool for kids lessons.
      Close to golf course (I don't play but nice that it is there).
      We have made friends with lots of ozzy neighbours.
      It takes 40 min's in rush hour to get to the city.
      It is about a 15 min drive to the beach.
      There are lovely parks within walking distance.
      There is a bus link to the city, Flinders Hospital and Marion shopping centre.
      As Aberfoyle is at the top of the hill, the views of the reservoir and sea in the distance are amazing.
      Far enough away from bush fire risks and high up away from flooding.
      House prices are still reasonable, you can get a 4 bedroom for less than 400.

      Hope this helps and hope others can say what they like about their areas.
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      ]i think the help of "strangers" on this forum is invaluable ......
      in my opinion i am realy interested to find out other peoples experiences and opinions it dossent mean im gonna do excatly what they have done....
      i will put it all in my pot with my research give it a stir and make my decision.
      so i want to send a massive thankyou to all the people that take the time to help others that are not quite there yet
      jools x

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      Thanks for the extra info Diane and rob and mel. Did notice those areas last night when looking. Will research them more tonight.

      I totally agree kangomik. Research research research. these threads are so useful to suggest areas and rationales for likes dislikes, it's a great starting point to build that research on.

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      Hi jools. I agree. The more posts i read combined with google and websites the more rounded an opinion I can form. It's likely to be a year or two before we manage the move so hoping by then I'll have a better understanding.

      They are all just names on a map at the mo and that's scary.

      Good luck to the OP!! :)


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