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    Thread: Hello from Scotland

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      harrison clan
      Quote Originally Posted by LisaWebster87 View Post
      Hey Wendy :) Good luck. I was born in aberdeen lived in stirling and arrived in adelaide around2 months ago now. good luck with everything :) let us know how u get on x
      Spooky! I was born in Stirling and live in Aberdeen Hopefully we'll get to Adelaide too! How are you finding it now that you're there?

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      harrison clan
      Quote Originally Posted by kildorragh View Post
      Welcome - your husband will find no problem with work - he will be able to pick and choose employers - there appears to be a shortage of good chefs here (based on my wifes observations who works in a nearby hotel).

      Thanks, we're hoping that's the case. There always seems to be plenty of chefs jobs advertised so hopefully we won't have a problem.

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      harrison clan
      Quote Originally Posted by karenbonnar View Post
      Hi Wendy,

      Welcome to PIA. We are in the skills assessment just now too but because it is the ACS they take 12 weeks so unless we are very lucky we are going to miss the July changes too. Just hope we can get enough points after the changes although my hubby will probably have to do well in the IELTS.

      Good luck getting in on time.

      Hi Karen,

      We are hoping to get in before July but if TRA and SS are going to take longer now due to everyone trying to get in before the changes then we could have a problem. We won't have enough points after the changes for the 176 but we will cross that bridge when we come to it!

      Hope everything works out for you

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      Quote Originally Posted by harrison clan View Post
      I hope you don't mind us joining you all. I'm Wendy, married to Jon who is a chef and we have 2 little ones age 6 and 3 and we have just started the whole visa process. Jon has just got his AQF III interview to do, then we need TRA and then SS. Things are going to be very tight to get our 176 visa application in by 1st July but we are keeping everything crossed that we can do it! If not at least we will have tried and we will just have to find some other way to get there

      Trying not to stress (wine helps!!) but it is just so nice to have other people who understand everything you are going through - we're not telling anyone our plans yet until we have actually got our visa app in.

      Hello Harrison Family!! ;)
      Thought we would introduce ourselves! Graham (46/ Builder) Janis (55/contented housewife!) and our VERY reluctant 12 yr old daughter, Sophie
      We live in Aberdeenshire as well!! small world eh!?... we live just outside Ellon (Drumwhindle)... We started our Visa application bk in 2009, State Spon rec Feb 2010, medicals next week in Edinburgh! Police certificates rec today.... All being well we should have our Visa' soon!! we still need to sell the house, its been on Market since last Sept, hopefully we manage to sell house by this summer as ideally we would like to move out to Adelaide late summer.
      You will enjoy being in this Forum, the people are very friendly and always happy to help you with any questions you will have (and you will have many questions!)... there are many families like yourselves just starting out, some ready to move and lots already made the big move, so you will never feel alone in your big adventure!.. you can never have to much information. Couple of useful websites are : Living Down Under (Tessa Stevens) and Bob in Oz .... full of great info... A great book full of loads of usefull info is : The Migrants Guide to Emigrating and Settling in Australia (3rd Edition, by W.C. Hampton (Amazon books online)...
      I know what you mean abt not telling anyone about your plans yet! when you do though be prepared for different reactions, especially from family members! at the end of the day though its your life and we have to do what is best for our own little family unit I always say! .... Anyhow, good luck with your paperwork, hopefully you get it in on time!......... here'sour e-mail add if you want to get in touch bungee.price@btinternet.com
      Meantime, have a good weekend,
      Graham, Janis and Sophie (FREEZING in Aberdeenshire!! )

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      Hi, we're in a similar position. In the process of skills assessment - normally takes about 12 weeks. Also need to do the English exam to boost my points for a 175 (Occupational Therapy is not on SA SS). Hopefully get the visa lodged before July? We're moving from Falkirk (well, Denny). Sooo much to do before it all happens will be worth it though:).

      Hope you get it lodged before July.

      Leah (31), Robert (31) and Declan (4)


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