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    Thread: Info on Adelaide please......

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      Info on Adelaide please......


      Can anyone please help us. We are looking at coming to Adelaide in July for a 6 months holiday and would love any information on nice places to live, which have good schools.

      Also any info on renting or good agents we can contact from here in London

      Any help is much appreciated

      Thank you

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      Hiya and welcome.

      The Aussie side is sleeping but I am some of them will be along later and be able to help more.

      As far as it goes, no clue about schooling if you are on a holiday visa. I don't know if this is even possible. Unless you are on some kind of other visa. Perhaps someone who knows more about the education set up can shed more light.

      Nice places to live, depends who replies What one likes, another isn't so keen. I guess it depends on what your requirements are so could you be more specific.

      As for rentals, there is a section on the forum for that :)


      There are a few recent threads about rental agents etc so hopefully one of those will be of use to you. FWIW most rentals don't let until you are actually in Aus although there are some short term fully furnished ones for the first few weeks sort of thing you can get.

      Again, that section has more in it and I am sure a read through of a few threads will soon tell you more than I can type here in the time I have :)
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      One often overlooked resource is the free weekly Messenger newspaper. Delivered free to all homes in the metro area (and now available online), it contains a lot of info on what's happening at a grass roots level in each region. There are a few different editions, each one minted to the special local interests of its particular area. You will get a lot of info that bypasses the Advertiser, as it's usually deemed too "twee" for general reporting. But it can be of great interest if you're considering moving into an area, and you discover that a particular street is considered by local residents to be a mecca for the local hoons doing burnouts of a Saturday night, or that a certain school just won an award for an innovative education program etc etc.

      Browse the edition of your choice to get a feel for what it's really like living there:


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      Homes For Sale, Rental Properties, Agents - homehound.com.au, Your Best Friend in Real Estate

      Real Estate, Property, Land and Homes for Sale, lease and rent - realestate.com.au

      Just a couple of sites that are very well used over here.....people have good and bad of agents here...we used a small family one in Seaford called Carbones..they were brilliant...even offered to help us when we were having major hassles with the landlord they were working for.

      Even offered to help in the future with anything we had to ask about.

      Hope this helps




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