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      Child Visa query? Help needed

      Can anyone help please,

      myself fiance and 3 year old all have our resident visas, we just need to get one now for our 1 year old, as we originally got our visa's before she was born, it says on the gov website that a child visa 101 is needed, which when looked into breaks down into form 40ch and 47ch, i've started these forms but have already come across a problem on the second page after saying our child is a natural child it takes you to section f which reads 'attach a certified copy of the court order giving you sole legal right to determine where the child shall live or the right to remove the child from the country' Surely this isn't neccesary for our own child?? have we got the right forms??

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      We had the same visas when ours were born ( and forms ). If I can remember, that part was if you had a child to a different partner who was in the UK. We just left that part out as NA. but will confirm with wife later. from sending forms off only taken 4 weeks for visas, was 2 years ago though.... slept allot since then.



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