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      The place for us.

      Having been to Adelaide on two holidays with my wife and son over the past three years to visit family we are now going to be moving there also. My family live in Maclaren Vale which we feel would be to quiet for us. We would like to be close to a beach, but also have shops and bars within a short distance too as we do like to socialise and get out. We realise that schooling and work will play the major part in our final decision on where to live but would appreciate any feedback on other areas which we may not have had the chance to see in person.

      Many thanks


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      cornish Busdriver
      Take a look at Henley Beach or Semafore.

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      Glenelg North - finally!
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      Glenelg is the obvious choice. I love it here

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      how old is your son?
      if he's primary school age, then Henley/Semaphore would be great, but Glenelg is more "happening" for the teenagers, and also has the direct tram into the city which runs until after midnight

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      my son will be 11 when we move. We have been to Glenelg but will have to take a look at Henleys/Semaphore. Thanks



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