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      Emigrating from Preston - Hi!

      Hi there just wanted to introduce myself to the forum which I have been reading in depth for a number of weeks now.

      I expect to be asking you guys lots of questions in the short term and fully intend to reciprocate to others when we finally make it over so bear with me!

      My situation is that I’m a 27 year old with a fiancé (June wedding) and a 17 month old boy. We will be coming over in July/August sort of time on a sponsored 457 visa through my place of work. When I get there we will be in a furnished apartment for a month with a hire car but from then on, the apron strings are cut and I have to fend for myself :-S.

      I will be working in Edinburgh parks area so will look to familiarise myself with the area before deciding where to rent. We have 2 properties in the UK, one which we live in now and a flat which has been rented out for 5 years. One of my biggest concerns is selling our house as the clock is ticking. If we fail to sell then I will have to rent the house out but this concerns me for tax, management and income reasons. Nevertheless, it has not put me off going!

      You all seem like a helpful bunch so it would be nice to know we can rely on you for information along the way and hopefully I can share my experiences for you guys.

      Kind Regards

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      Hi just wanted to say welcome :) I can't help with your questions but someone on here will no doubt have the answer for you they are a really helpful lot, good luck :)

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      Welcome to PIA. Good luck with your plans. :)

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      Hello & Welcome - I am sure between old posts, and folks knowledge your answers will be answered.

      Good luck!



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