Hi Everyone,

We are currently living near Leeds and hoping to move to Adelaide in the next 18 months. The city looks great and so close to the countryside..ideal for us as we love being outside and trekking up hills!

I'm just finishing off my midwifery degree and hoping to get a year or so under my belt here before making the move. Just wondered if there are any midwives out there who could give me any advice on what its like to practice in Adelaide or South Australia in general. I keep hearing how medicalised it is...and I'm not!! I love midwife-led care and would love a job in community or birth centre. I do enjoy the challenge of high risk, but not all the time! Would be grateful for any advice!

I've been looking at the graduate midwives programme too, just in case jobs don't materialise here, so if anyone has completed one or knows much about it I'd love to hear from you!

My husband works for the Environment Agency here as an Environment Officer, mainly likes waste stuff. We're also wondering what is on offer in the department, so any advice or ideas greatly welcome!

Thanks for any replies!

A&K x