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      Hi - just joined

      Hi, I've just joined and can see that the site will be very useful, particularly once we've made the move and want to make friends. Can't wait.

      I'm emigrating with my husband Mike, no kids, but the 3 cats are coming. We're waiting for our caseworker and visa - hopefully, looking at the latest timelines it won't be long. Now that we have some positive news (after a year), I am looking forward to sharing experiences and learning from others over the coming months.

      Adelaide looks gourgeous, we haven't been there yet but have friends and cousins there, we plan to visit in October, so hopefully we can meet up with some of you that have already made the move.


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      Hello, this is a great site itís a gold mine of information, I have not been using it long, but find the members very knowledgeable and helpful - good luck with everything.


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      Welcome , this site has been fab for our family , you'll find all the info your looking for here or someone that can help :)
      Good Luck with your visa



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