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      Sue & Ash

      the ball is rolling ...

      hello everyone!
      i have been spying on you for quite some time now
      we just needed as much information about moving to oz as possible since our recent decision to go for it!

      first i thought i could go it all on my own (with all your help maybe :roll: ) - but since reading once 'of 1mio applications only 60.000 get through' i thought that's a bit too riscy!

      so yesterday we contacted an agent and got all the forms already and as i said: the ball is rolling ... :mrgreen:

      btw, we is me (susi, 38), soon-to-be-oh ashley (34) and our 2 monsters lucas (3) and caitlin (1.5)

      we'll be going on a 136modl visa (i think :? )

      see you all around,

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      congrats on getting the ball rolling :lol:

      We started our ball rolling last April and this April fly out to Adelaide to start our new lives - over the next months you will have stress, doubts, learn to be oh so patient :? (or not in my case!) and worry but it is definitely worth it whe you reach the end of the road :D

      Any questions just shout as there will always be someone about to help - I have done lots of shouting over the last 12 months :lol: :lol:


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      Sue & Ash
      thanks lisa!

      i am just wondering if we'll see as much of you on here once you've moved ... 8)

      i do hope so!!!!

      i hoped the agent takes most of the 'stress' away?!?!?! no?!?!

      i have a few other things to take on atm that's why we hired one (a big one: we are getting married in june :shock: ) ..

      so where will your oaa be?
      and how big is your family?
      how's the packing coming along?


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      Hi Susie

      You won't get rid of me that easily I'm afraid :lol:

      Our agent took a fair bit of our stress away and it was nice to hand any problems over to them to sort out - in our last stage we ended up going through 3 case officers which was not good for the blood pressure but the agent got on top of it ( :shock: ) and all was right in the end :lol:

      Have laptop going with me and wifi in singapore hotel so will keep in touch on the way over!!

      Will find out if we have OAA month before we fly so end of March, Me OH and 4 year old daughter (who is definitely the boss of this house ) and sorting is going well and packing will be left for shippers :lol:

      Lisa :D

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      Sue & Ash
      hi lisa,

      all well organised i can tell!!
      doesn't sound too stressfull - at least now! i sort of followed your story with the 3 CO :shock:

      and don't we all know about the toddler bosses :roll:



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