Wow ! I just got approval of my 475 visa for Adelaide. It took me 2 years to go through long waiting. Anyway I am very happy now. I need to make initial entry by mid Feb 2012. Which gives me some time.

I am an Indian but working in Malaysia for last 10 years,. I work in DHL's Global Data Centre as System Support Manager. Managing infrastructure teams here. I am married and my wife is housewife. She loves to take care of family and my 2 kids (6 yrs, 2 yr). I need your advise/opinion to plan our move.

- My agent told me that 475 visa does not provides any kinds of Medicare. So would like to know what would be tentative cost for family like us ?

- Also he told that we can't avail public school on 475 visa and I need to put my elder son to Private School. So, I would like to know what will be tentative cost for 1st/2nd Standard at private school.

- What will be tentative cost of living without RENT ? I believe rent might cost me average AU 400 pw for 2 bedroom house/apartment. I am more interested on knowing other costs like grocery, transportation, daily market etc.

- How's the IT market at Adelaide and which consultant can be helpful to find any job there ?

- Is it really impossible to get a job from overseas ?

- Also my agent told me that Au govt stopped providing public accomodation for newly migrant for 1st few weeks. Is it true ? If yes then what will be the best way to survive 1st few weeks till we find suitable one.

I might have asked some repeated question. I would really appreciate if someone can answer or help me to get old thread to understand then we will be really greatful.