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      Red face Nice Places to live ???

      :DHi Everyone,
      This is my first post on the site, so thanks in advance for any information Given,
      Myself my husband are looking to move to adelaide within the next six months with our little boy. Eventually got our Visa's approved a few weeks ago was so happy seems to have taken forever.
      Was just looking for some opinions on where to possibly have a look at living. We are looking for somewhere that is great for families with good schools and hopefully not too far from the beach.
      Have been looking at aberfoyle park, flagstaff hill and areas around there. Does anyone already live there or know anything about the area.

      Thanks again for any information provided

      Lisa , Aaron and Kyle

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      Hi and welcome to the forum

      It is very hard for anyone to tell you a 'good' place to live as what they may love you may hate. Best advice I can offer is to have a good look around the rough area you have narrowed down and go from there when you arrive - you will soon know what is right for you and your family :D

      We chose the south as we wanted to be very near the beach, ruled out the hills as they did not go too well with a 5 year old with a bike :o although there are some very pretty areas, too hilly for us, wanted to be near shops and entertainment without a long drive so have everything we need where we are now. Interestingly we live in a suburb we had not even thought of from the uk and love it

      Good luck with everything

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      welcome to PIA, must say i agree with what the ever wise Lisa has said, everyone will have ideas as to what is best to them and only you guys can decide. Areas as well will depend on house prices and jobs as well.
      There are alot of great areas around but only you can decide what is best for you.

      Good luck
      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

      Arrived in Adelaide 14th June 2008

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      I have to agree with Lisa and Ian. Until you get here and travel around, it is very hard to get a feel for these places.

      That being said when we got here we really liked the belt from Aberfoyle to Hallett and would have been happy anywhere along there. We live in Reynella East which is lovely, we're very happy. Just down the road from Aberfoyle. I would say that Reynella East and Aberfoyle Park schools have a good reputation in the area but not sure of all the schools around here although you didn't say if you meant public or private schools.

      The beaches are 10 to 15 mins away and there are some great ones - Brighton, Christies Beach, Port Noarlunga, Hallett Cove etc are all within that range and Glenelg is about the same.

      My children are 14 and 11 and there is enough around here for them both to be happy. The elder one has enough public transport to have a little bit of independence and if we do need to drop/ collect her from anywhere, it is only a short journey.

      I hope this helps.


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      rick b
      hi lisa
      we have been here 4 weeks and in my humble opinion hallet cove has everything you are looking for good schools,good areas for family and very close to beaches and the massive marion shopping centre,we fell in love with it straight away,it has some breath taking views over the ocean and city
      anyway good luck with everthing
      Rik,Kay,Louis 7,Taylor 6


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