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      I'm Irish and living in Northern Adelaide the last 2 years. I have just had a
      baby girl 7 weeks ago on Paddys Day and dont know what to do with myself as I'm off work for a few months and I am starting to feel ready to get out and about again!Any suggestions?:)

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      Are there any mums groups you can go along to (have you joined ABA)? I'd really recommend Mainly Music when your baby's a tiny bit older, say about 4 mths, and able to sit up supported in your lap while you go along to the group. I loved it with mine. DD went from birth because we were a member of a group anyway, and I was amazed at how early it actually meant something to her.

      Child & Youth health may be able to give you a list of groups around your area - there must be something like a baby massage group or something, that would give you time with other adults where "meeting people" isn't the focus, but you'd naturally get in chats etc.

      Also there are swimming lessons for tiny babies at State Swim if there's one near you, but that just depends on how you feel about early contact with chlorinated water / other people's germs. I'm not a fan of that, and we don't vaccinate early (or on schedule) either, so I tend to avoid swimming with mine when they are young.
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