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    Thread: on the move!

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      on the move!

      Hello all,

      I have posted before; was offered a nursing job March of last year; after a long wait for the nursing reg. stuff, the VISA application has just gone in.
      I have a job with CNAHS, should be hearing exactly where soon.

      Looks like I will be over in October :-)

      Anyone here into mountain boarding?


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      Hi there hope all goes well with the move :)
      Now mountain boarding looks like fun when I get out there I would be up for having a go at that!! I am a bit of a adrenalin junkie :)

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      Thanks Helene. good luck with your plans :-)

      Mountainboarding is a right laugh, recommended.

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      Hi there!
      I am also starting with CNAHS as an RMN in October this year. Still waiting for registration which hopefully won't be long now.
      Don't know where I will be placed to work yet, but have requested to remain in rehabilitation if possible, as this is where most of my experience lies.
      How about you? What area are you in now?
      Be good to make contacts and keep in touch. I presume you got the job through O' GP?

      All the best!
      Rmhn, hubby carpenter

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      Hi Tean,

      There seem to be quite a few on here awaiting paperwork, travelling or waiting to.
      Yup, got the job through OGP, was offered this last April (2010), it has taken this long to negotiate the registration stuff. Just awaiting visa now, apparently around two months for that I am told. One thing I have learned is that nothing happens quickly!
      I work in rehab right now, have worked in Forensics also. Not sure where I will be working, what with all the delays....I will happily get on with whatever though, will be good to get over there and get stuck in.
      Good luck with your travels!
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      I applied for a position Febuary 2011, i provided a CV, skills list and two references from my current employment. I was interviewed by telephone, and thereafter was lucky to be offered a post. I will be sponsored by my Australian employer, working on a 457 visa. I sourced the original job details by registering with an employment agency.
      I am told the process can take from a year to two, there are many variables.
      A lot of time for me was spent waiting for my professional registration in Australia, I applied soon after their regulating system was reorganised along national lines. This took ten months...I am told it is normally less than six.
      The visa application for a 457 apparently takes two months or so. Thereafter, working out my notice and packing!

      so for me, looks like around a year and a half.



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