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      hi everyone

      ello all i,m jaki and my hubby is ed.we,re going nuts waiting for our visa,s. all the paper work is done,including medicals,police check,s T.R.A..We got the ball rolling in march of 2006 and the roller coaster ride is great.

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      Hi Jaki and Ed

      Welcome to the site :D

      Which visa are you going for? We got ours a couple of weeks ago and agree the waiting is the worst bit - hopefully you won't habe much longer!


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      hi lisa our visa is for 136 skilled.as we are going on ed,s trade he,s a builder . i intend to work too as to what i have no idea as yet. :lol:

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      Sue & Ash
      hey jaki and ed!
      welcome and i hope the waiting is soon over for you :)

      we are only at the very beginning so lots of that for us still to come ;)


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      any tips

      Hi jaki and ed, ive got my TRA assestment starting soon and i am a roof tiler here, which is on the MODL list any tips!!!
      trade references
      customer references
      pics of work
      Years of accounts I know i can provide all of these but starting to feel that its all on my shoulders and all the family are so up for going
      Put me at ease, cheers Graham

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      TRA and references

      hi graandjac

      we started this adventure 28/3/06 after we had been to the glasgow emigrate
      seminar after talking to an agent at one of there stands it was reccomended that if we wanted to emigrate then we would have to act fast because i wouldnt be able to go once i turned 45 in(12 weeks)
      getting all my paperwork together was hard going for me because i didnt have any certificates (im a plasterer) but had over twenty years work experience my agent said i had to get references off every employer i had worked for going right back to when i first started this was in 1983 it seemed impossible but some how i managed, the first set of references where sent off and two days later i got a call from my agent saying they were no good
      :( not enough detail they wanted to know every tool i had ever used what materials i had worked with and what kind of jobs i had worked on, and when, plus for how long. so i had get them done again this took about 3weeks i included photos of jobs i had done both in england and germany
      and put in as much information as i could this time it was enough,we finally
      past it on 21/6/06 and now only had 10days to lodge are application.we managed this on the 30/6/06 3 day,s before my 45th. so don,t give up or give in just keep going.. it,s gotta be worth it eh :!:

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      donna T
      Jacqhi -that was real skin of your teeth stuff - well done I bet your fingers were chewed right down to the quick!

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      My goodness that was some bloody tight timescales to work too. But it just shows you that it can be done.

      We have just sent of my hubby's TRA assessment via an Agency that we are using. They are happy with it, (and according the them have not had one refused).

      Its so bloody nerve racking, Im suprised everyone who applies for this doesnt get divorced in the process as Im seriously considering it already and were in very early stages. Ha Ha. :twisted:

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      :lol: Don,t worry jules the t.r.a. is sent to try us don,t let it get you down, we bickered quite often,it passes

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      TRA was definitley the worst bit for us but the stress seems to stay pretty much all the way through the visa application and then you have the move to organise so starts again :cry:

      worth it in the end though :lol:



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