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      Hey there !!

      Hello All, we are school teachers, my husband being a Secondary Design Technology Teacher and myself a Business Teacher. My main role in the school I am at is to do with Pastoral work and essentially teaching the Unteachables.

      We are looking to move over and like the prospect of Adelaide. We have applied for Visa's and all is looking good. We are coming over in August to have a good look around and are hoping that we can have a look at homes, schools etc to get a real feel for the place.

      We have two school age children 13 and 9, and a 18 year old who will be carrying on at University in the UK and then joining us hopefully. He is a keen cricket player and hopes to continue with this is Australia as he plays a county club here in the UK.

      Im sure there is so much that we have to think of. Any information which you think might be helpful will be really gratefully received. For those of you who have kids, I was wondering how they find the differnce in schooling. Obviously its going to be a huge change for them, and like any Mum this is what worries me most.

      Which are the neighbourhoods to go for and the ones to avoid... how does the schooling system work. CAn you pick which to send them to or does it go by catchment area. If so which is the best one to go for...

      loads of questions.... arghhhhhh.... sorry :/

      thanks so much!

      The Unwins :)

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      Hey there. Welcome to PIA. I thought I would day Hi as Im also a secondary teacher, teaching the Unteachables. We are hoping to be heading over next year, hopefully earlier rather than later.

      Adelaide is a wonderful city and I am sure that you will like it very much.

      Good luck on the journey and hope that your trip over in August goes well.


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