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      Question Plasterers in Adelaide??

      Hi, this is my first post on PIA, though I have been avidly reading everything I can on the PIO site!!

      we are just starting our long journey to Oz, originally thinking of Perth, but someone on the PIO site suggested Adelaide as an alternative, with my OH's trade as solid plasterer. she seemed to recall a firm willing to sponser plasterers in the Adelaide area - anyone know anything about this? Alternatively, does anyone have any tips or advice where we could start our search? we were originally hoping to come over on the skilled 175 visa, but our case is not straightforward, so we were thinking sponsership could be an alternative. OH is dying to make reccie trip, so we are trying to gather as much info as we can on what areas he should visit etc.

      all hints and advice would be appreciated, thanks

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      I believe western Australia have alot of solid brick houses which are solid plastered. Adelaide on the other hand has 99% timber OR metal frame and they are all tape and jointed inside. The only work a plasterer gets here in Adelaide is external render. Sometimes a whole front or just around the windows and corners.
      Sorry if this isn't the answer your looking for.:embarrassed:
      The plasterers her in Adelaide do make good money though but is a completely different way of doing things.


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