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      What are we doing?

      We are awaiting our visa's skilled Gas fitter. Not sure of our final destination...Perth or Adelaide... Any help or tips on why to choose adelaide would be appreciated. also any success stories of gas fitters out there??? Is it really that difficult???

      Many Thanks
      Kenny, Luan, Annie (6) Mary (4)

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      If you can go anywhere, my best suggestion would be - that if it is at all possible - to check them both in person out before making a final decision.

      Never been to Perth to be honest, so can't compare the two.

      Adelaide has a reputation with other states as being sleepy and behind the times a little, amongst other things. I would say this does seem to be true, so if that is what you are looking for - it will be perfect.

      And to be honest - yes emigrating really is that hard. Some people drop right into their new way of life, others (I would say probably most) - take a little longer and may have a bit of a struggle along the way.

      Best of luck with your visa

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      :)Hi Kenny, can't comment on Perth but over the past year on here there has been lots of people who have changed there mind from Perth to Adelaide after a visit to both, Adelaide does seem to have a slower pace of life but after the hustle and bustle and 100 mph life we have here that sounds good to us. Cheers Graham

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      I agree with what everyone else has said about Adelaide, when we were in Sydney someone said it is a nice "big country town".
      Oh yes welcome to the site also!
      As for if it hard to get a job, I know of 2 gas fitters who have struggled as in some instances here you also need to be a plumber and have a licence.

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      Rob and Clare
      Hi not sure about gas fitters, but from what I've heard about Perth, apart from the fact it it supposed to be a great city, very similar in size to Adelaide, but it has become very expensive with the mining boom. Where as I think here it is still possible to get a resonable priced home in good suburbs. but check out realestate.com.au and gather some info.

      From a geographical view point, Perth appears to have somethings to offer with better choice, shorter and cheaper flights to the UK, a closer time zone for calling family etc.... but is very remote from the rest of Oz, and is closer to singapore than sydney, could depend on your lifestyle and what you want to do while you live here for Holidays or exploring ???? A flight to Melbourne from Adelaide is quite cheap, where as anywhere within Oz from perth is a long and more expensive flight, check out Webjet.com.au.

      As for adelaide it is a big country town, and a little behind the times, I think we only got starbucks coffee last year..... but it is a fantastic place to live.

      Have fun choosing.


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