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      Cool Howdy doodle! London Gal landed in Adelaide.

      Helloooooooooo there,

      I'm Debbie, 25 years old and from London. I've just got to Adelaide on Tuesday, I am working as a Nanny and will be here for 6 months. Staying in the Seacliff/Kingston Park area.

      I haven't really explored Adelaide yet, so would be awesome if I could meet some lovely,amazing, fantastic people to show me around town. Play pool with, have a tipple yada yada yada

      Normally back home I enjoy film, cycling, knitting, music, gigs, theatre, annoying my boyfriend, drinking gallons of Tea and Coffee, playing guitar badly, fashion, pubs and having a boogie. LOVE having a boogie.

      Anyways enough of me yabbing on, say hello to me, facebook me, hug me...



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      cornish Busdriver
      Hiya Debs
      Welcome to Adelaide, I'm always up for a beer, coffee, chat and going round the wildlife parks if ya fancy doing that sometime

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      Ah yeah I'd defo be up for that. I am currently working on getting a mobile sorted here. But yeah drop me an email when you're free.


      Are you into fishing? I'd really like to learn a new skill out here.

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      cornish Busdriver
      sounds good i will email ya then.
      Yeah kinda do a lot of fishing lol lol

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      Welcome to Adelaide Debbie. Let me know when you would like to catch up. Jeni will give you my number x

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      Hey Michelle, thanks for the response. Jeni did mention you :)

      I really need to sort out a mobile number. But would be good to meet up! Just finding my feet here at the mo but would be great to go for a coffee or something next week. x



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