HI everyone,

After much faffing around my family and I are finally ready to arrange out protracted trip to Adelaide!

WE are arriving enfamile (my husband me and 3 children Camille 5 in september, Sebby 3 and Reuben 7 months) at the end of july for 6 months for my husbands work at the Royal Adelaide Hospital!

WE are going to be living in NOrwood(ish) and are looking for tips advice - people to get to know, and no doubt loads of stuff to buy/borrow while we are here since all property appears to be unfurnished!

All of us are very excited about coming out - trying to get the children sorted in some kind of child care (especially the older 2), any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Would love to meet people especially with children similar ages for a bit of sanity!!