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    Thread: immigration forms

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      immigration forms

      Hello all

      Plz help i have been looking lots for where to get the forms from to fill in to start the immigration process and keep coming up blank, Also it would be good if you could tell me if using an agent is the way to go.
      I know these probably sound like such simple questions, but everytime i get on the computer i end up filling in one of the free assessments out and thats as far as i get.
      would be very greatful for your help.:embarrassed:

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      Hi, If you fancy having a go yourself immi.gov.au you will find all the forms you need. Regarding an agent (1)it depends how determined you are, as I started but kept saying I do it tomorrow and nearly missed the July deadline.(2) your finance, as an agent will cost you an extra 2k plus on top of a already expensive task.
      From my own experience I did go with an agent Immigration2oz and I must say it was worth it, although you still do most of the work yourselfthey know all the ins and outs. If you are prepared to spend the money I would, the process of paper work is simply enough if you know what you are doing, and like you have mentioned you do keep turning up a dead end at time doing it alone. Don't get me wrong there is a lot of support offered by this site and the answers are all available at a push of a button. So as they say on 'Blind Date' the decision is yours! Ps i've just lodged my 176 and now awaiting a case officer.
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      The agent vs no agent question is only one you can answer yourself - if you have a straightforward case (ie no health or police issues, have enough points on the calculator off bat without any 'but x/y/z' thoughts) then imho they are a waste of money for someone to hold your hand whilst you do all the work anyway - and rather a lot of money it is too imho.

      On the other hand, if you have any health issues, and children from a previous relationship, and previous police issues (ie a criminal record), have a confusing job history that isn't easy to box up, and don't understand paperwork easily, then it might well be worth it.

      Or if you've got loads and loads of money anyway, but are rather time poor, as they will just tell you what you need to get together etc.

      We aren't using an agent and aren't finding it any hassle at all, but then I fill in forms all the time for work (I'm a teacher) and I've previously applied for visas for NZ before, so used to the form filling for that as well. They aren't really very hard to fill in, you just need to take your time and read them. I don't know if you need to fill them in anyway if you are using an agent or not (as we aren't using one), and there is a check list of all the evidence you need to provide in case you aren't sure what you need as well, so you don't nec. need an agent telling you what to do if you can't afford it, just take your time and double check everything :)

      The forms to fill in for visas - depends on the visa. If you are looking for a GSM visa you are looking for:


      That does classes 885, 886, 887, 485, 487, 175, 176, 475, 476.

      If you don't know what class you want, use the DIACs visa wizard to assist :)


      Hope that helps :)
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      personally we didn't use an agent, found it all very straight forward and managed without any problems as long as you give them all the evidence they want we also found it very quick and didn't have to wait too long for our visa.

      Andrew, Lisa, Mason and Isabelle. In Aldinga Beach and loving it.



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